You’re getting two posts today because Thursdays in October are Month of Horrible Movies day! Every week in October I share goofy horror movies to knit to. For the last couple of years, I’ve been doing themes, and this year’s theme is creature features! Get ready for some silly monsters.

My first pick for this month is a horror-comedy called Grabbers. It’s about an invasion of tentacled creatures that begin attacking a small Irish town, and when it is discovered that the creatures hate alcohol, the police decide to get everyone in town drunk while they try to make it through the night and fight the monsters. It’s light, funny, and because it takes place in Ireland, you can spot some great cabled knits on some of the townsfolk in the background.






2 responses to “Grabbers”

  1. Caroline

    Don’t be tempted to get drunk along with the townsfolk. This could result in much reverse knitting being needed the following day….

    1. Haha! That could be trouble, it’s true.

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