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I can’t believe that September is almost over already. It’s been a hectic month for me, full of projects I can’t blog about and other stressful things. I thought that after I moved in August, things would settle down, but instead, I’ve been busier than ever trying to catch up on projects that got pushed aside when I was busy packing boxes. A lot of what I’m working on can’t be shared yet, and the stuff that can keeps dropping down in my priority list so I haven’t had much to blog about. I managed to get my Nosegay Vest finished by the KAL deadline, but it’s still waiting to be blocked, because a project that I can’t share on the blog is currently taking up all of the space on my blocking mat.


I managed to get a few rows in on my cabled pullover after I finished one secret project, but I suspect that this poor thing is going to get put away again soon once the Penelope KAL starts up. I have another secret project to knit, and I can only really balance two WIPs at a time. This isn’t the most optimistic sounding blog post, but the fact that I got it up is a good thing! I’m finally managing to squeeze in time for more things than just secret work and KAL stuff, and that means I’m making progress on getting better balance in my schedule back.






5 responses to “What I’ve Been Up To”

  1. Looks cute, Andi!

  2. It’s always feast or famine, isn’t it? I have to relearn how to knit due to a shoulder injury and diving back into your patterns is what keeps me going!

  3. Cheryl Stern

    Hi Andi…..you are doing just fine! Busy times like this come and go….they keep us young at heart.
    I L.O.V.E. the progress pic of your cabled sweater. I also have a couple of secret projects…but they are not knitting related. The puppy pics are so sweet. 🙂 No word on the new job yet. Current boss is very happy about that. Looking forward to seeing the projects you are working.

  4. Sam

    The cabled pullover is looking good. Your mention of secret projects has intrigued me, am looking forward to finding out more. I’m currently half way through a secret project for my mum. Every time she comes to visit I have to hide all evidence and put another WIP in my knitting bag otherwise she would get suspicious! 😉

  5. Elaine in Chicago

    Secret knitting sounds great..!!. Looking forward to seeing the pieces.

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