Announcing the Nosegay KAL


The OAL is coming to an end soon which means it’s time to start picking out your yarn for our next KAL! We’ll be knitting Nosegay, a sweater vest from my new collection Quiet Days. The KAL starts on August 10th, and you’ll have until September 10th to knit your vest. A month might seem really short compared to the two-month long OAL, but it’s plenty of time to knit Nosegay. Because of its large intarsia flowers, the vest is knit in pieces and seamed, and the plain back will just fly off your needles. The intarsia on the front is a bit more challenging, but because the rest of the project is so quick and easy, this is a great opportunity to give intarsia a try.


The pattern is currently only available through Knit Picks which makes things a little more complicated if you want to join in and live outside of the US, but don’t worry! I have a solution for you. You need to include an American shipping address for all orders, even if they’re for digital downloads that will be emailed to you, and you’re welcome to use the Untangling Knots PO Box address for this purpose. I just ask that you please be respectful with it so I don’t end up with piles of Knit Picks catalogs. Also be sure that you’re buying the digital version, not the print. I won’t be forwarding packages if you accidentally order the hard copy, but everything should be fine if you order the download. This should make it so everyone can join in on the fun that wants to. Are you in?

Untangling Knots · PO Box 31494 · Seattle, Washington 98103 · USA






7 responses to “Announcing the Nosegay KAL”

  1. Beth

    It’s just beautiful. I wish I could fit the KAL in, but, busy busy times here.

    Good news – we do have Knit Picks Australia which should make it so much easier for any Aussies or New Zealanders wanting to join in

    1. Sharon

      Thanks for this info Beth. I didn’t realize this, I used to live in the USA and shopped on knit picks all the time. Been back home in Aus for a while now, and was sad that I couldn’t buy anything from there. On the other hand Hubby will no be to impressed lol

  2. Simone

    Hi Andi,
    Thank you very much for your offer!
    I’ve tried it, but for me it doesn’t work 🙁
    I’m from Germany.

    Have a nice sunday,

    1. Hmmm… Did you use your own address for the billing address? It should have worked, unless of course you checked out with PayPal, and PayPal rejected the unfamiliar shipping address.

  3. Uschi Gaertner

    I will participate in KAL. Are you still giving information about Yarn, pattern ect?

    1. You can find out more about the pattern we’re knitting including the yarn recommended for it if you click through the link to it in the post.

  4. Sharon

    Yarn is ordered and on its way. Can’t wait to start, might not start on time due to yarn having to come to Aus. I’m excited

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