Heatwave Knitting Bingo

Are you still knitting despite the weather, or at least thinking about it? Every time you say, hear, or do one of these things, mark off a box!

Heatwave Knitting Bingo by Andi Satterlund

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6 responses to “Heatwave Knitting Bingo”

  1. Ha! No yarn caught in the fan; we have ceiling fans and if the yarn is up there, something is terribly wrong. We’re very lucky that we invested in central A/C when we replaced our furnace 10 years ago. I’ve been hiding out at home, knitting knitting knitting…

  2. Katie Canavan

    This is amazing. This is also me, year-round.

    And now I’m going to make some iced tea…

  3. Rachael-Lynn

    I also live in the Puget Sound area (Bremerton) and have chuckled a few time this past few weeks she I’ve thought, “is it weird to want to knit when it’s 85-90 degrees outside!?!”

  4. Beth

    Funny, but I actually knit more when it’s hot. I can do something relaxing and productive without having to move much – moving produces perspiration 😀
    Also, I power through the yarns in Summer so that I can have my new woollies ready to wear on that very first coolish day.
    Being contrary, I spend winter making new summer frocks. In summer it is way too hot and I’m too sticky to be trying on and taking off dresses to get the fit right.
    Just a weird sister I guess

  5. Sara A.

    Here in the other Washington the heat isn’t the problem, the humidity is. Can’t block anything because it won’t dry. My hair hasn’t dried between showers since June! I am currently knitting a child’s mitten and contemplating embroidery. More lemonade will make this better.

  6. Marva Mauthe

    okay, I just started an afghan … go figure! the yarn was way too cool to resist even in Colorado’s 90+ degree weather. Too smokey (thanks to myriad wildfires) to go outside and I get cold sitting around in the air conditioning…

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