Swatches for a Pullover

The best choice for heatwave knitting is clearly a cabled pullover, right? Haha! As I was working on these and wondering what the heck I’m doing knitting cables in this heat, I kept reminding myself that regardless of the weather, I need to get some patterns ready for fall. I’ve been meaning to get another cabled pullover designed, so here we are.


Cabled sweaters always seem to require the most swatches because it can be harder to visualize how they’ll look knit up than lace panels. The 3-D aspects and structural quirks means something that looks right on paper can still end up a dud. I used almost a full skein of yarn knitting swatches, but in the end, I found some great cables to use. The cable on the left edge of the left swatch in the second row of swatches and the one on the swatch on the right side of the second row are the two cables I’m most excited about. Now that I’ve knit my swatches, I need to sit down and do the math so I can get started on my sweater!






6 responses to “Swatches for a Pullover”

  1. Irene

    oehhh, heatwave in the Netherlands too, can’t imagine to have to knit cables now..pfff…hihihi..but i like your swatches…..curious to see your next patterns..

  2. Same unusual heatwave in France and knitting helps me remain awake when it gets hot. I have a suggestion regarding your next pattern designs : would it be possible for you to design a pattern using thinner yarn?

    1. It depends on what you consider a thinner yarn! This one is in the sport/DK range.

  3. Cheryl Stern


  4. I was thinking that those were my faves, too! Can’t wait to see 🙂

  5. Elaine in Chicago

    All of us knitters just keep on knitting, no matter what the weather!!

    Your swatches for cable sweater are really pretty. I like the intricate ones.

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