Get ready for some good stuff! My collection for Knit Picks called Quiet Days just came out, and it’s full of great patterns to knit on relaxing days spent at home. There are five patterns in the collection, and I’m excited to introduce them all to you.


First is the Conservatory Cardigan. It’s full-length sweater that’s knit seamlessly from the top down using short-row set-in sleeves. The colorwork band is added after the body of the sweater is complete, so the majority of the project is soothing stockinette. The cardigan has two columns of buttons, but only one set is functional so each front has its own set of buttons making for a nicely balanced look when it’s worn open.


Next up is my personal favorite, the Nosegay Vest. The big intarsia flowers were based on flowers in my aunt’s garden, and they just make me so happy! Because of the intarsia, the body is knit flat and seamed, and then stitches are picked up to work the edgings. I really want to knit myself one of these. I’m thinking a KAL might be in the future!

porcelein04 porcelein07

In the accessories department, there’s the Porcelain Teapot Beret & Mitts. This matched set features stranded colorwork in elegant motifs and fun details like a fluffy pompom.


And I couldn’t resist adding in a bulky cowl. The Stove Cowl is delightfully chunky and combines a ribbed stitch pattern with lace chevrons. Two versions are included in the pattern. One is long and narrow so you can loop it around your neck twice, and the other is short and deep so there’s not wrapping needed.


Last but not least, I obviously had to include a cropped cardigan. This is the Sunshower Cardigan. It has a sprinkling of eyelet rain drops over the body and little seedlings at the waist. It’s also seamless and knit from the top down.

The patterns are all available indiviudally, as an e-book, or as a print collection from Knit Picks. Which is your favorite pattern?


  • So much loveliness! The Beret and Mitts particularly caught my eye but the Conservatory Cardigan looks very cosy too!

    I can’t decide what I like about the Sunshower Cardigan… The colour, the pattern, or just that it looks so great on the model! 🙂

  • What a beautiful collection. I love the Conservatory Cardigan – it would look great in a range of different colours and yarns. That vest is gorgeous too and the back story is lovely. It is nice to see you doing something a little different in publishing this collection (though obviously I love your other work too).

  • Well Andi, I can’t keep up with you! Every time I finish a project you’ve design something new and beautiful that I just have to knit. I love your designs!

  • Love the Sunshower cardi! Would love to knit it in a yarn from Magasin Duett, in the colour Duggregn (swedish for drizzle), since the swedish summers can offer quite much drizzle!

  • How can you stand being this creative and talented?! 🙂 Each piece you create is absolutely beautiful. I love the vintage flare you put into your work, too. Thank you for sharing such wonderful and inspiring art with the rest of us.

    As far as my favorite pattern? I think I’d have to go with the Conservatory Cardigan. The touch of color and the two rows of buttons make it extremely unique.

  • congratulations on the beautiful collection, it looks fantastic!! It’s so hard to pick a fave, you’ve done an amazing job.

  • I love all of them….especially the vest. Your colors are grand, but I would probably do a more Victorian scheme so it would go to work. Down with a cold, so will order later.

  • I love the cowl and have it in mind for a Christmas present for my mum. For myself I love the nosegay vest but have never attempted intarsia before. Would there be too much colour work to use duplicate stitch instead?

    • It depends on how patient you are! There’s nothing about duplicate stitch that restricts the size of a piece, but it can be a bit tedious to do.

  • My favourite is the Nosegay vest (what a lovely design!) but I need some assistance since I’ve never done Intarsia (and that scares me a litttle bit!) That would be great if you could provide us with tips on how to make it as well as suggestions for the various colours to use.
    My second favourite is the cardigan : so cute !
    As soon as my Vianne cardigan is finished, I would love to make one of these.
    Thank you so much for offering us these little treasures!

    • Intarsia isn’t that scary, but it is pretty messy right up until you weave in those ends! I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any real tips other than to practice it.

  • What a great new book, congratulations! I LOVE the vest and the Sunshower cardigan, gorgeous!

    I’m wondering if the Sunshower cardie requires a chart? I’m not a fan of those.

    I’m ordering the book or ebook this week. 🙂

    • I think I might have just answered your question on Ravelry, but there’s both a chart and written instructions for the waist motif.

  • Hi Andi,
    live in New Zealand, have now knitted 6 of your lovely garments range from cardigan to jumpers.
    i wish to knit the sun shower cardigan, however nz does not have buying access with knit picks. is there anyway you might be able to put it up for sale on your own website and raverlys so that I can purchase.

    by the way your first magazine is amazing, i am trying to source cotton linen for this rabbitbrush cardigan, once again nz does not have access to knit picks. cannot wait till second mag comes out. please let me know outcome of the sun shower pattern. kind regards

  • Hello,
    I’m coming back to you because I can’t find your “Quiet Days” book. I did find it on the Knit Picks website, only it’s impossible to order it outside the American continent.
    If you can’t get the book, could you make it available on Ravelry or on your site so that you can enjoy it.
    Thank you in advance for reading me and in anticipation,
    Take care of yourself.

    • This was a Knit Picks collection, so it’s only available through Knit Picks. If they’re only offering the print version, that’s all that is available.

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