Small Set-Backs


Shortly after Friday’s blog post, I was horrified to discover that I made a dumb mistake about four rows in from the beginning. I had to rip back almost everything, but somehow I managed to get the body finished last night. All of this ripping back might sound maddening, but right now, I don’t care and am just happy to have an excuse to do a bunch of knitting when I normally would be doing other work. This season has hit me hard, and on top of that, allergies have put me into a bit of a fog. When working on grading a new sweater pattern or doing pattern edits is not going to turn out well, I’m glad to have this project to work on and a big list of swatches to knit so I can keep productive.


With the body done, you can see all of the details that are on this piece. I love the texture this yarn creates, and I ran the little diamond motifs around the waist as well as across the back. For the bottom band treatment, I decided to go with garter stitch. I’ve been meaning to design a sweater with no ribbing just to mix things up, and the garter stitch is so nice and bouncy in Local Color’s Columbia worsted that it was clear that this was the perfect match.






5 responses to “Small Set-Backs”

  1. It looks great and it fits really well!

  2. This is gorgeous!

  3. I love the simplicity of this one, Andi! And that colour sings to my heart – so excited to see the end result 🙂 (Also, I’m super impressed that you managed to do that much knitting so fast!!)

  4. Great sweater and I especially love the color!

  5. I like the garter st band and the round of diamonds. Nice touch.

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