Next Raglan Attempt

With raglan increases, there are really two options for your shaping distribution. You can distribute it evenly, which is the traditional way of doing it and what I normally do. It doesn’t exactly match the shape of shoulders, but knit fabric behaves in such a way that it ends up fitting. You can also use varying increase rates to more closely follow the shape of the shoulder. I’ve been playing around with different shaping rates on this raglan, and that means doing a lot of ripping! I did end up needing to re-do the raglan I started earlier this month. It just didn’t have the fit I was going for, and a good fit is the whole point of this.


This cardigan is going to be a pretty simple one with a few little details. In this picture you can see the textured diamond motifs that run across the back at the top of the neckline. I love how they stand out in this yarn, Local Color Fiber Studio’s Columbia Worsted. I was almost tempted to use them as an all-over stitch pattern, but I realized that doing that wouldn’t make for the most flattering sweater ever. Moderation seems like a better choice!






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  1. I haven’t tackled a Raglan yet so I have been looking into these recently including the Miette. Interesting to hear there’s two different types. I did notice the Miette sleeves didn’t quite follow the shape of the shoulders. I’m looking forward to seeing this pattern. I hope all your hard work on this pays off.

  2. Loving the diamond shape. Hope to see this as a pattern!

  3. Kylie

    I’ll be interested to see how the varying rate works out, as I’m reaching the point of giving up on raglan sleeves. I just can’t get them to fit me without having to do a LOT of mucking about with knitting the shoulder side increases at a size up from the body (being somewhat limited in the chestal region but gifted in the shoulder department) and that doesn’t always work out well…
    Not being able to use raglan patterns would be ok if I wasn’t so rubbish at picking up stitches for set-in sleeves! Any advice on the contiguous shoulder method, or should I interpret from the fact that you’ve not published a pattern using this?

    1. I’m really not a fan of the contiguous method. The shape of a set-in sleeve sweater requires at least a little structure, and the contiguous method has none.

      But not using the same rate for everything will give you more options with raglans, and you might have some luck with “raddle” sweaters that combine raglan and saddle sleeve shaping. That said, if you’re not close to the standard sizes used for sweater patterns, you’re unfortunately always going to need to muck about with the shaping on your project.

  4. Ann

    Raglan sleeves are brilliant if you have slim shoulders I much prefer them they are so comfortable. Id also like to knit myself a raglan sleeved cardigan with like a swing and the same with the sleeves what do you think?

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