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Today’s blog post was going to be about how I didn’t do nearly as much knitting this weekend as I planned to, but as I was picking out pictures for this blog post I started thinking, “Huh, that sleeve cap looks really weird.” I looked at my knitting from a distance and saw that it wasn’t just the pictures. There was something weird going on.

So I sat down and counted the stitches. There are way to many, and I have no idea how that happened! I know I didn’t have the pattern in front of me when I picked up my stitches, but I thought I did exactly what I did when I picked up stitches for the other sleeve. And then I didn’t check my work before continuing with my knitting. I was hanging out with my friends, and I didn’t want to sit and count stitches, which was clearly a huge mistake. It’s a good thing I didn’t end up knitting as much as I planned to this weekend because who knows how long I would have knit before I noticed how much larger my second sleeve is? Thankfully there are almost two weeks left in the KAL, and that’s plenty of time to knit one sleeve.






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  1. Beth

    It is a little reminiscent of the 80’s but I actually like the look of the fuller sleeve. It looks more comfortable than the other one and the ‘seam’ is sitting in against the body better.
    Perhaps it wasn’t a mistake but a creative moment ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Haha! Nooooo! The needle is in which is what’s giving it some structure, and all of the weight isn’t hanging from the shoulder. It wouldn’t be cute as a completed sleeve.

  2. Nice but not the sleek look you are going for! How many more stitches did you pick up? I admit I am slightly bad at obeying how many sts to pick up as set out in a pattern. I pick up what I think is comfortable and then reduce down to what the pattern requires on the next row or two, usually on a ration of 2 / 3 at the sides. I always make sure I mirror what I have picked up thought. Is that terrible?!

    1. Sometimes that doesn’t work quite right because, for example, with short row sleeve caps the ratio has more to do with the number of rows you want than the stitches so 2/3 doesn’t work out all the time, but for buttons bands and neck edgings I do the same thing as you. It almost always works out well to aim for the right ratio and not worry about the stitches for stuff like that. Although now that you mention it, I wonder if I was working on autopilot and picked up 2 stitches for everything 3 rows? That would explain what I ended up with!

  3. Jo

    I got my Aiken for the SSK knitted in super quick time as I abandoned a cardigan where I’d read the pattern back to front and ended up having to rip out hours of work. It was so obvious I don’t know why it took me as long as it did to notice. Lots of expletives and a gorgeous Aiken later I am now getting on with my cardigan. The colour of your Chuck is so much fun. You definitely won’t be fading into the background when you’re wearing it.

  4. Rose

    Hah I do this all the time ๐Ÿ™ so frustrating. And not only in knitting but sewing too. Just tonight I spent 40 min painstakingly picking out topstitching and a serged seam because I didn’t double check my instructions.

    But at least you noticed now and not later ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. That has happened to me more than one occasion. So frustrating!

  6. This happens to the best of us. Good that you caught it in time! And BTW, your pink Chuck looks gorgeous!

  7. A good reminder haha. I love doing interesting knitting rather than plain work but frustrating checking things when busy. Or when you want to start a project but there’s something interesting on telly.

    Barny x

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