Almost Complete Cables


I spent a lot of my weekend working on my pink Chuck. I was trying to get all of the cabled section completed, and although I didn’t do quite that much, I’m getting close! My plan was to power through the cables so I could get to the plain ribbing and sleeves as soon as possible. Cables aren’t as easy for me as other techniques. I have to stare at the chart all the time, and I have to pay more attention than I normally would. I like to have my KAL projects be my mindless, back-burner projects, and I’m planning on starting a new sweater soon, so I wanted this to get to the easy parts before I started something else. I have only two or three cabled rows left!






4 responses to “Almost Complete Cables”

  1. Ooo, I’m loving the bright pink! I’ve seen a few bright (and in one case, neon) pink sweaters lately, and boy am I tempted to make one for myself. You are not helping! lol

    Can’t wait to see the final sweater.

  2. Love the cables and the color! Looking great. 🙂

  3. Sherry

    Hello! Is this a good beginner’s pattern or should I try other projects first? Thanks so much for your help 🙂

    1. It depends on how adventurous you are and your pattern-reading skills. The most difficult techniques are picking up stitches, working short rows, and cabling, so if you’re comfortable with those, go for it!

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