Kate’s Majestic Moose Vest

I’m totally in love with Kate’s bright red Majestic Moose vest. Using red as the main color makes this vest look so festive and cheerful! I bet it’s the perfect way to add some color and fun to a gloomy winter day. Not only is the finished vest perfect looking, but Kate, drdomestiKated on Ravelry, did some interesting modifications. She converted the vest to be knit seamlessly in the round, and then she duplicate stitched the moose chart instead of using intarsia. A nice thing about duplicate stitch and intarsia is that they’re pretty much interchangeable so you can choose your favorite, and using duplicate stitch on this project was a clever way to avoid the seams.


I asked Kate about her vest, and she said, “It literally stops people in their tracks to ask where I got it… and I love telling them I made it! It really is one of the coolest things ever.” You can read more about her Majestic Moose vest on her project page on Ravelry.





5 responses to “Kate’s Majestic Moose Vest”

  1. Pure awesomeness 😀

  2. wow, that vest is SO awesome! Love it.

  3. I absolutely adore this, I hadn’t seen this particular pattern before. I really enjoy these posts. Please keep sharing and Happy Holidays.

    She Knits in Pearls

  4. Ashley

    I love her vest and I absolutely adore the dress that she paired it with!

  5. Greg

    I love Kate. Marry me Kate!

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