The Selfish Sweater KAL

When the Marion KAL was coming to its end, someone asked when the next Untangling Knots KAL would be. I said that the next one would be the Outfit-Along next Summer, but Summer is a long way away, and that got me wondering if I could squeeze in a winter KAL. You can see where this is headed…


I’m happy to announce the Selfish Sweater KAL, which will run from Boxing Day, December 26th, to Valentine’s Day, February 14th. The dates were chosen so you can start working on a treat for yourself after Christmas had passed. I love getting the chance to knit something for myself after I’ve finished all of my Christmas knits. For this winter KAL we’ll be knitting pullovers. You can choose your favorite from all of my pullover patterns: Quarry, A Cropped Sweater for Winter, Aiken, Geraldine, Riverine, or Chuck. From now until the KAL begins, you can get Aiken, Geraldine, and Chuck for 20% off when you use the coupon code SSK2015 when you check out on Ravelry.


I’m planning on knitting either Chuck or Quarry. Chuck is my most-worn pullover, and I definitely could use another one, but I don’t have my own Quarry! The sample isn’t my size, so I didn’t even get to try it on before I shipped it to Twist Collective. I might go to the yarn store and see what best speaks to me and choose my sweater based on that, or I might see which one is most popular for the KAL and knit that one. If I had time to knit both, I would!

Are you going to join the KAL? What sweater will you knit? Come join us over in the Untangling Knots group on Ravelry in the Selfish Sweater KAL thread.







11 responses to “The Selfish Sweater KAL”

  1. How exciting! I haven’t started my Marion from the last KAL yet but am know wondering whether to start the Chuck when I finish my current project. I have plenty of time to decide. This was an excuse to buy these 3 patterns at a discount anyway so thank you!

    1. Hilary

      I haven’t started my Marion KAL yet either – been moving from UK to Aus so have excuse. However, yarn all ready in suitcase and reckon I’ll start after Christmas when moved into flat. Can’t wait, really enjoyed the Myrna KAL, thank you Andi for all these great ideas!

      1. That’s a big move! I can understand getting behind in your knitting with that going on.

  2. Jo

    This is so exciting. I was hoping to start Aitken after Christmas and the KAL means it will definitely happen. Just need to choose some yarn. Maybe I will ask Santa for some.

  3. Constance

    The dates for the KAL are perfect. Thank you for giving me an excuse to make another Chuck. I adore my current Chuck and want to make another in a better yarn. I am thinking royal blue or forest green. We shall see…

    But first, I really need to finish my Christmas sweater. It’s a good thing my classes end on Wednesday 😉

  4. Oh, perfect! I’m making a Christmas red Agatha now and bought yarn to work on Chuck next. That worked out rather nicely.

  5. such a cool idea! i’ve been meaning to cast on Chuck for a while now, so might join you!

  6. Not sure yet if I’m going to join – currently knitting a Nix shawl and might have one or two quick things to whip up before the holidays – but if I’m done with it, then I’ll probably be in! I think I’ll either knit Chuck or a Cropped Sweater.

  7. Wonderful idea! I was going to start Chuck around those dates so I’m in!

  8. Kaeleigh

    Right on!! Aiken (on my pile already) is totally happening…now to pick a colour and some yarn…

  9. Well, a Cropped Sweater it’s going to be, then! I only have the last row and BO left to make on Nix, so I’ll probably get my sweater started over the week-end.

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