Katharina’s Armande

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Armande‘s seamless construction is what makes it an interesting sweater, but the overall look of the finished piece is pretty simple. The simplicity is what makes it the perfect match for an interesting yarn, and Katharina‘s version stood out to me because of her beautiful yarn choice. Her variegated blue yarn works really well with the construction method, and I’m always in awe of knitters who are talented at matching variegated yarn with the right patterns. Variegated yarn kind of intimidates me.

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I asked Katharina about her sweater and she said, “About Armande I can say that it was fun to knit, even if it took me some time… Bodice and sleeves were easy to adjust in length and the fit is perfect 🙂 Plus, I already got some compliments on my new cardigan!” Katharina originally blogged about her Armande in German, and her project page on Ravelry includes her notes in English.






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  1. What a nice post! Thank you so much for writing so nicely about my cardi 🙂

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