The Frighteners


Oh, Peter Jackson! I have such complicated feelings about his work. I used to call myself a fan, but now I have a hard time saying that. I love everything Peter Jackson made before Lord of the Rings won a bunch of Oscars (the stuff he made after is another story), and The Frighteners is no exception.

It’s a fun horror comedy starring Michael J. Fox as a man who can see and communicate with ghosts. He and some of his ghost friends, including Chi McBride, run a con where the ghosts haunt people, and Michael J. Fox’s character gets hired to exorcise them from houses. It’s going smoothly until a mysterious ghost shows up in town and starts to actually cause trouble. The movie strikes the right balance of humor and horror, and it’s not nearly as gross and gory as Peter Jackson’s other horror comedies. The Frighteners is a nice, light movie to watch while knitting in October.






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  1. Flossie

    I love the Frighteners! The Frighteners ghost effects pre-date the LoTR ghost effects, to better use!

  2. LOVE the Frighteners. LOVE it. One of my top five favorite movies to re-watch, because it’s just so much -fun-. Peter Jackson used to really have fun with movies. He still does occasionally, but not like this.

    I also did like that Michael J. Fox’s character isn’t just comedic; his response to what happened to his wife is really haunteda nd traumatized and has basically destroyed him and the film doesn’t shy away from that. It really does a great swing between funny and heartbreaking, and Fox sells it. His character isn’t two-dimensional or cartoonish, and I think it could have been with a different actor.

  3. I love old Peter Jackson’s b-movies. Bad taste is my favorite. Looking forward to watching this one. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I love the Frighteners! I try to watch it whenever it’s on tv. The ghosts are just amazing.

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