The Start of a Sleeve


I finally finished my Marion sweater body and started the first sleeve! I didn’t have as much knitting time as I normally do in September, so this sweater felt like it was going super slowly, but now that I have the body done and the first sleeve started, I’m finally seeing real progress. I bound off the body when I was out knitting with friends, so I ended up just using the same needle for the sleeve. I’ll probably finish this sleeve off with this longer circular needle and switch to a shorter one for the second sleeve. Once I get started, I can’t be bothered to change needles!





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  1. Debra

    Hi, where do you start the underarm? Is it at the beginning or is it at the end where you would put your marker?

    This is where am having problems.



    1. Do you mean when you’re picking up stitches? You should start at the center of the underarm.

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