Can you believe it’s October already? It seemed to sneak up out of nowhere, but I’m happy it’s here because that means it’s time for one of my favorite blogs series, a Month of Horrible Movies! I don’t restrict my horror-movie watching to just October– I love watching horror movies while I knit– but October feels like the best time to share my love for bad horror movies.

When I was planning this year’s movies, I was trying really hard to come up with a theme. The first year of MHM had no theme, but since then I’ve done horrible vampire movies and horrible midcentury movies. This year I toyed around with a few themes, but I eventually settled on ghosts. Get ready for a month of horrible ghost movies.

First on that list is Below, a movie from 2002. It takes place on an American submarine during World War II. The crew rescues a handful of people from a sunk British hospital ship, a German POW is executed, and strange things begin to happen. This movie made it onto the list for two reasons. The first is that it was the movie that gave me the idea to use ghosts as the theme. The second reason is the cast. I recognized so many members of the cast from tv shows and comedies, and I spent a lot of time watching this movie thinking “Is that that-guy? No… Wait, it is!” Although it’s not the cheesiest movie on the list or the scariest, it’s a pretty fun, eerie movie. I’d say it’s a bit more like older horror movies than new ones. It doesn’t have a lot of jump scares or gore, just a lot of flickering lights and thumps and bumps. Below is on American Netflix right now, so you should curl up with your knitting, a mug of tea, and watch it.






5 responses to “Below”

  1. You want bad ghost movies? I’ve got two words for you:

    You’re welcome

    1. Haha! I’ve never heard of that one before. It sounds amazing.

      1. LOL I’ve seen it and it is AMAZING in a really cheesy, awful way. Perfect for the list!

  2. Well, that’s me sold on “Ghost Shark”! Oh, and I guess I could check out the one from the post too :p

    1. The best part of MHM is the comment section! I’ve found lots of fun movies through doing this series because everyone chimes in with their own recommendations.

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