Show me your favorite fall sweater!


Fall is finally here! Seattle held onto summer until the very end, but this week I think it will finally be time to wear woolly sweaters non-stop. I have a handful of sweaters that I wear even in the summer, but I can’t wait to get back to wearing the rest of my old favorites. I’d also love to see your favorite fall sweaters this week. Share yours on your blog, write about why it’s your favorite, and leave me a link in the comments, or tag it #favoritefallsweater on Instagram. I’ll share my own later this week, and next week, I’ll put together a roundup of all of the links I get. Show me some beautiful sweaters!






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  1. Emily

    What a gorgeous pile of sweaters 😀

    My favourite is easily my “Rainbow Quest” sweater: a many-coloured seamless yoke pullover I made from peace fleece sample skeins last winter:
    [that should be a public-accessible ravelry link; I’m emilyoboe on ravelry]

  2. Hi Andi, mine is the owls jumper I knit a few months ago which is actually the first jumper I’ve knit (as opposed to cardigan which was your miette!) The colour is appropriate for autumn and it’s really cosy!

    Btw, it fits really well post baby bump too!

  3. My all time favorite sweater is the stranded-yoke pullover I knit in Iceland. I believe it goes with everything! And in this sweater you can never be cold, at least in Seattle. Here`s the rav link:

    My second favorite is Lanata ( I reach for this one to wear with pretty dresses.

    I love sweater weather!

    1. Hey Meg,

      I can’t share your Ravelry links unless you make them public, like Emily’s link. I have some blog readers who don’t use Ravelry. Plus, I’d like to hear a more recent update about your favorite sweater!

      1. Thanks for helping me figure out the way to share my rav link! Here’s the Lanata,, and the Iceland sweater,

        I like this blog topic — it’s really gotten me thinking about what I love in a sweater. Well… at least I’ve been thinking more about what I love to wear instead of just what I love to knit. Isn’t it funny how they are not always the same? Thanks, Andi!

    2. Lisa Marie

      Wow Meg! I love your rendition of that cardi! The original looks so frumpy I wouldn’t look twice at it. But your version looks so cute and is basically exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  4. Not that this helps now, but I’d love to write a post about my favorite sweater next fall when I have more than just one sweater under (over?) my belt. And thanks to your top photo I hope to have one in every color of the rainbow by then!

  5. Katie Lynn

    I just finished this one a few weeks ago, but it’s such a great design and sweater it’s quickly become a favorite. I love the color, the softness of the yarn, the gorgeous buttons down the back.

  6. Danielle

    Hi Andi

    I love your pile, especially the orange Chuck. I have been coveting this for a while. Yes. Need to knits me one. Here’s mine stack of sweaters

    By big life problem is I live on the coast in Sydney, Australia. Beautiful yes, but we only have a one, maybe two months of genuine sweater weather. My dream is 9 months in northern hemisphere to see the transition from spring and experience a white winter. One day, hopefully in next 5 years.


  7. Such a colourful pile of sweaters! My favourite fall sweater is the kind of long cardigan that’s perfect to wear over summerdresses and can be take off immediately in case of an Indian Summer 😀 I haven’t knit one myself so far but it is certainly number 1 on my to-knit-list!

  8. Jo

    This is pretty easy for me as I only really have a choice of two unlike the lovely pile that you’re showing at the top of your blog. I do dare I say it, have plenty of shop bought cardigans and jumpers but when it comes to hand knitted ones I didn’t start knitting them for myself until last year. I have three more which in the next few weeks will be added to the selection, including my Marion KAL. I have a sneaky feeling that this could become the new favourite but for the moment it’s a red jumper which I knitted last Autumn (to give it is’s UK English vernacular :)) A pretty simple knit but I just love the back which gives it a bit of style.

    Here’s my Ravelry link:

  9. I just published my blog about my favorite go-to fall sweater. Plus some knit/felted flower brooches.

    She Knits in Pearls

  10. I just published a post discussing my favorite fall sweater for our unpredictable Carolina weather. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I love your post, and it reminded me of my favourite sweater (and the second one I’d ever knit) that I haven’t seen since last spring. Must dig that out from where ever it’s hiding!

    Anyways, I just published a post on the lovely thing, which you can find here.

  12. What a great idea! I love browsing through everybody’s entries here and on instagram. My favourites are here:

  13. It’s not quite a sweater, but this vest has become a fall favorite and I just finished knitting it. It’s a great layering piece and doesn’t take a lot of yarn.

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