4 Closures for Lavinia


When I was working on my Lavinia capelet, I had a hard time finding the perfect closure, so I decided to put together a list of a few options for when you knit your own.


1. Metal Clasps. This is what the pattern recommends, and although you can find them at craft stores, your options will be limited. Plan ahead and shop around to find the perfect clasp. Dianna Walla from Paper Tiger put together a gorgeous collection of clasps on Etsy.


2. Brooches. Use a brooch or shawl pin to close your capelet. The fun thing about this choice is that you can easily switch up your closure to match your outfit, and there’s no sewing or commitment involved.


3. Crocheted Button Loop. Use some left over yarn and the chain stitch to crochet a button loop, and attach a flat button underneath the collar. This is the most subtle closure option.


4. I-cord Button Tabs. Knit 4-6 inches of i-cord and sew it into a loop. Fold the loop in half, and seam the two sides together in the center leaving a button hole on each end. Attach a button on either side of the capelet underneath the collar, and use the button tap to close the capelet. This option is nice because it’s clean and simple looking, and if you want some variety, you can leave off the button tab, ignore the buttons, and use a brooch or cloak pin.






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  1. Thank you for sharing all these options. These all look fabulous on the cape and they could be used on other patterns too. What a great inspiration.

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