Marion’s Upper Body and Weekend Fun


Over the weekend I finished Marion’s upper back, upper right front, and started the upper left front. Here’s what it looks like folded like it will be when I finish the left front and join everything at the underarms…


…And here’s what it looks like when it’s laid out flat. You can see where the stitches get picked up from the cast-on edge quite clearly here.

The Double R Damn Good Cup of Coffee
The Great Northern Hotel Tolt Yarn and Wool
I had a lot of good knitting time this weekend which made it easy to make so much progress on my sweater. I went on a mini Twin Peaks road trip with my friends Erin and Monica, and naturally there was quite a bit of knitting involved. We went to the diner that was the Double R Diner on the show, and we had pie and coffee. After that, we went to Snoqualmie Falls where they shot the exterior of the Great Northern Hotel. And then we went to Tolt Yarn and Wool to check out their new shipment of Quince & Co. That didn’t actually have anything to do with Twin Peaks, but how could we not?






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  1. I’m jealous of your Twin Peaks tour! I want to go to there.
    Sweater progress looks great! Glad to see that I’m not far behind.

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