Myrna’s Second Sleeve


It’s been awhile since I shared my own Myrna progress! I met up with one of my friends last night for a little knitting, and I started my second sleeve. I made quite a bit of progress on it. Those short rows go by so quickly! I still haven’t started my dress yet, but I’m hoping to start cutting the pieces out this weekend.






4 responses to “Myrna’s Second Sleeve”

  1. Carol Henderson

    Myrna’s looking lovely. When knitting the sleeves, what length of circular needle do you use please?


    1. I used a 16″ circular, but I often just use the same longer set I used for the body and magic loop it.

  2. Hi, I’m loving this pattern, its my first time ever to knit following a pattern 🙂 just a quick question though, i’m casting on the right arm and I’m picking up way more than the required 86, for me its more like 127!!! should i just continue, not sure if it is possible to rectify, not even sure where I went wrong 🙁

    1. You’ll need to rip back. It sounds like you’re not using the most ideal pick up rate. I’ve written a few different posts on picking up stitches that you can find under the “Useful Posts” tab at the top of the page. Your pick up rate should be around 1 stitch every 2 rows.

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