A Splash of Color





As much as I hate my seasonal allergies, I love this time of year because I get to see all of my favorite bright colors out in the wild. I took these pictures in my Aunt’s garden to use as reference for drawing some colorwork charts, and I just adore the loud colors of these flowers. I need yarn to match all of them!






4 responses to “A Splash of Color”

  1. I have annoying minor allergies year round so I totally understand what you mean! Dust, molds, pollens, etc etc… you learn to find the beauty in the little things. Even if they make you sneeze lol

  2. Yessss… I would love a yarn to match that yellow rose. XD

  3. Tina

    That corally red color of the rose is amazing.

  4. Your aunt must have the most gorgeous garden. That coral colored rose is particularly pretty.

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