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My goal for the OAL projects was to try to use some of my fabric from my stash. My yarn stash is almost all leftovers or stuff for design work, but my fabric stash is embarrassingly large for how little I sew. A lot of it is really old, too. I bought this floral fabric when I was a sophomore in high school and never used it. I’m fairly certain that it’s just polyester which isn’t my favorite material, but I still love the print. It manages to combine two of my favorite colors in a really fun way. It’s probably not the best fabric choice ever, but I decided to use it for my dress. Because I already have an orange Myrna, I ordered a skein of Miss Babs Yowza in Vlad’s, and it nicely picks up the darker shade of red that outlines the flowers.







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  1. Ooooh I think this is going to be great! Love the pop of color and that you’re using it from your stash. I wouldn’t worry about it being polyester, the colors and print make up for that, and I’m thinking the drape will be elegant. Are you using the pattern picked out for the OAL or something else? Do you think you will do pleats or just gather it?

    I just got my Miss Babs Yowza (yellow) today and am so excited! What a fun sew/knit along!

    1. I’m using the Simplicity pattern, and I think I’m going to just gather the skirt.

      I’m glad you’re joining in! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects.

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