A Beautiful Back


While debating what to knit next, I realized that I hadn’t knit a cropped worsted weight cardigan for myself since the Hetty KAL. That was just too long ago, and I knew that I needed to make one. They’re so satisfyingly fast to knit! I decided to go with the keyhole, worked on a few swatches, and cast on on Friday. I didn’t get in as much knitting as I normally do over the weekend, but despite that, I’m ready to start the fronts. I love when projects go quickly.






4 responses to “A Beautiful Back”

  1. Wow the the color

  2. Exciting to see what it looks like all done! 🙂

  3. That colour is so happy!

  4. Constance

    This yarn is beautiful and I can’t get over the yardage in one skein! Thanks for introducing me to this yarn.

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