I’m finally on instagram! My username is AndiSatt like it is most places, and you should follow me there if you’d like to see bits and pieces of my everyday life. If that doesn’t interest you at all, and you couldn’t care less about what I’ve baked recently or what I’m watching while knitting, have no fear! I don’t currently have any plans to make instagram recaps a regular feature on this blog.

Here’s your cue to leave me a link to your instagram account in the comments section! I only signed up a few weeks ago, and I’m not following very many people. Do you have any tips for me or recommendations on who to follow?


  • I’m pretty new to instagram as well but I really like it so far! I’m shoelaceswitcher there.

    I think a bunch of designers/bloggers are on it, some use more than others. Miriam Felton usually posts a lot (mimknits) as does Carina Spencer (carinaspencer).

  • I love Instagram. A few of my favorites are acreativebeing, knits_with_husky, one_sheepish_girl, nappyknitter, and caseyplusthree

  • sweet! I’m checking out all the suggestions here. Knitting wise, I follow fringesupplyco, karentempler, xtinawithwolves, thebonvivant, and a few smaller ones, mostly found through the #knitting tag

    I pretty much just post knitting and my dogs at sojackso

  • I would definitely second the recommendation to peruse the #knitting tag when you have a few minutes. I found tons of people to follow that way. I also find that following your favorite independent dyers is a great source of inspiration

  • I’m on instagram as “bluesewncat”, I follow lots of different instagrammers but recently I’ve found that have amazing imagery, “on the-wayout”, “taylorshae”, ourwildabandon” and “esrarois”. Happy instagraming! I’ll make sure to follow you.

  • i’m on there as @wereradletshug πŸ™‚
    i randomly stumble across other people by seeing who posts what on some of my favorites. can’t say i’m up there as far as knitters go, but i do have @thimbleblossoms who is a fabulous quilter

  • I’m knitbakerun, and this is a fairly new account that I’m still figuring out what to do with. There are a lot of pictures of my dog. πŸ™‚

  • Hi! I just found your work and your blog today through Tilly and the Button’s blog. I’ve been on Instagram for the past year and I love the community I found there. I’m PVMcHugh on all my social media and also on Ravelry. My IG is mostly knitting & crocheting, dogs (two little terriers), sewing, food, random projects and penpal stuff. My life as seen through the lens of my phone’s (and sometimes husband’s) camera. πŸ™‚

    I suggest you follow one_sheepish_girl, hollyknitlightly, and onecraftymumma for knit & crochet related posts. Their work is very pretty.

    elsielarson and emmaredvelvet for awesome crafty and everyday stuff. They run the blog A Beautiful Mess and also have a book and app with the same name.

    harlowandsage for some fun and creative pictures of a Weimaraner and Dachshund team of cuteness.

    Have fun!

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