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On Saturday I went on a little day trip with some of my friends to Tolt Yarn and Wool. We drove the long way around Lake Washington, stopped in Duvall for brunch, and after that it was yarn time! I hadn’t been to Tolt before, and it’s just the cutest shop ever. It was fun to browse because they have a great selection of yarns and notions that you don’t see everywhere. I was a little sad that I have so many projects lined up that I couldn’t justify buying a ton of yarn, but I did pick up a new project bag and some notions for a pattern I’m working on. We hung out and knit for a bit, and then we piled back in the car to drive back to Seattle. It was a very nice way to spend a Saturday.







7 responses to “Tolt Yarn and Wool”

  1. oh wow, looks like a gorgeous yarn shop! love the rustic-sort-of-glam it’s got going on.

  2. You were out in my neck of the woods! I live in Woodinville. I love the new shop in Carnation. Tolt Yarn and Wool is fabulous! I hope you went to the Grange Cafe in Duvall. Great food — the biscuits are truly heavenly!

    1. We did go to the Grange! I had the Veggie Benedict, and it was so good.

      1. I love that too! They really have great choices for brunch!

  3. That store is too cute! My favorite yarn store closed down a couple of years ago and I’ve been ordering yarn off WEBS since then. But, after seeing these pics… Maybe I’ll venture out and find a new yarn store home.

  4. I’m dying! What a perfect shop!

  5. I’ve started to hear about this yarn shop and I have to say that it looks cozy and perfectly lovely. If I ever end up that way, I’ll be sure to visit Tolt.

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