Birthday Giveaway!




Today’s my birthday, but I have a present for one lucky person! I’m giving away a copy of my Delilah Cowl pattern, and six skeins of Quince & Co. Chickadee to knit it! To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment! Tell me about your favorite birthday tradition or best birthday memory. You have until Thursday, December 5th, at midnight PST to enter, and on Friday I’ll randomly choose one winner. Good luck!






171 responses to “Birthday Giveaway!”

  1. Chaya Mills

    Ooh, what a lovely giveaway! And a very happy birthday!

    My favourite birthday tradition has got to be a lie-in, woth breakfast on bed ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Cindy O

    A happy and blessed birthday.

    I was born on my dad’s birthday so our birthday was always very special and fun to celebrate together. And we both liked the same cake so never had any fights over it well maybe who got the biggest piece.

  3. Kat Anderberg

    Happy Happy Birthday!!

    My mom always makes me turkey enchiladas and carrot cake for my birthday, and I look forward to that all year ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What an awesome giveaway! So far in my life, the tradition seems to be that I have awful birthdays, so my favorite ones are the ones that break that and end up not being shitty for a change.

  5. Happy birthday – and what a generous giveaway! My fave birthday was my 40th. My husband booked my fave fancy restaurant. My parents came from out of town. All of my oldest friends were there and they put together a book of poems all about me! Then we ate the best coconut cream pie ever. It was truly an awesome day.

  6. Happy birthday! Thanks for the giveaway.

    My favorite birthday tradition would involve a cozy day in, knitting, or a small gathering. No big parties for this girl.

  7. Patti Puzan

    Happy birthday. So young and yet so talented. Your future is very bright! Enjoy the day.

  8. Tyan Walkerq

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! My favorite birthday was a surprise 7th birthday party. A fun day of roller skating, pizza gorging, and a sleepover. Couldn’t have been better.

  9. Happy birthday! So generous of you.
    My best birthday was this past one when I turned 30, since it was the first one I got to spend with my 10-year old Westie, Scruff. I love him to bits.

  10. Tanya

    Happy Birthday!

    My favourite birthday was when I went out for a meal with friends, they had sneaked to the restaurant earlier and decorated the table. I swear I still find that glitter sometimes…

  11. Those colours look amazing, and the pattern looks great too!

  12. Pamela

    I always get myself a cake for my birthday. No one else is going to so I always make sure I have the cake I want. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Happy birthday!
    Growing up, my dad made me a special birthday cake that I would only get on my birthday. The cake was one more reason to look forward to celebrate!

  14. Ohhhh…We Love Birthdays!:) The Happiest to you! may you dreams be many and may you reach the stars. If you were in our house, Birthdays lasted 1 week. The reason for this was that when the kids were little my hubby worked swings and then graveyard shifts, so in order to have everyone involved we made it a week. Each day there was a present and the one morning it might be that a B-day person’s Fav. breakfast…then a fav. dinner. On the weekend there was a outing to the fav. restaurant, a movie of choice either rented or a the theater, but most the time rented. On the last day the biggest present and the requested cake and ice cream. the presents could be a fav. candy bar, a box of fav cereal, a bag of fav. chips, a 2liter bottle of fav. drink and so on. We always had fun and the week much remembered.

    Again Happy Birthday and a special thanks for including us in the celebration! I don’t think I have ever been able to purchase all the yarn for something like your fun cowl as well as the other great designs in that line. It always makes me want to smile! Must be the bright colors, that chase the winters’ short,grey days. Happy, Happy in the coming year!:)

  15. Happy birthday!! My favourite birthday tradition is going for Thai food with my parents.

  16. Happy Birthday Andi ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have an amazing day. We don’t really have any birthday traditions, but my best memories are always when it snows on my birthday and I get to stay home!

  17. Happy birthday! I love birthday cake…well…cake without birthday too, but mostly birthday cake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Merrin

    I just had my birthday this week – and we did the usual tradition of going into town to have lunch and to buy yarn and Christmas decorations. Oh course cake and ice cream come a close second

  19. Happy 24th Birthday Andy! What are you going to do to make it a special day?

    I have one very special birthday-memory. In the ninetees, there wasn’t a lot of snow where I lived. On one of my birthdays, when I was turning eight, I was sick in bed because I had a severe case of Pfeiffer’s disease. I was not allowed to go outdoors in any circumstance . It just so happened that that day was the first day in a few years that it actually snowed. I remember being very cross about not being able to go outside, but I remember even better that my mom threw the doctor’s advice to the wind and took me to play outside. Best birthdaypresent ever!

  20. Shannon

    My favorite birthday tradition is not actually my tradition, it’s my father’s. He had his birthday on December 30th, so since it’s the cold winter months, we like to go to the beach at Bodega Bay with coffee, walk and take photos until we run out of coffee, then we got up our favorite seafood place, Boathouse. After that we go home and make homemade seafood gumbo and our secret family recipe Rum Balls. The beach is so peaceful during the cold and rainy season, it’s blissful.

  21. Amy Mason

    We went to Disneyland last year for my 40th birthday with tons of friends and family. Super fun and memorable! Thanks for the great giveaway and happy birthday!!!!!

  22. Elly Korst

    Happy “B Day” Andi!!!!! It’s my sons birthday today, he turned 14. So I’ll think of you as we eat our cake. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Ana

    Happy Birthday! My birthday tradition is to watch cheesy SyFy or comic book movies while eating chocolate cake. Nothing special but sometimes it’s best to relax and turn your brain off for a day.

  24. Lois

    When I was six, I invited my two favourite teachers to my birthday party. My birthday is in July so it was the school holidays, which meant having parties was difficult because people were always away or I’d be on holiday. That year though, all my friends were there and we had a party in the garden, and half way through my teachers turned up with mini malteasers for everyone! Teachers work really hard and I can imagine the last thing they want is to spend a day of their holiday with all their students, so I always think it was awesome of them to make it!

  25. Happy birthday! I love quiet birthdays…eating cookie (I prefer a big iced chocolate chip cookie over cake) and knitting, or maybe going to see a film if there’s something good playing at the theater. I don’t really like big parties, though my parents threw me a lovely surprise party when I was 16. It was 50s/Elvis themed (I was a huge Elvis fan back then) and I’ll always remember it. =)

  26. Donna

    Happy Birthday Andi. I love your cowl and the Quince Chickadee yarns are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful gift.

    One of my most memorable birthdays was at age 12. My mother always allowed and encouraged me to have a party on my birthday. At the age of 12 though, I felt pressure as to what to do to entertain friends that no longer wanted to play pin the tail on the donkey. lol My parties were always in our basement, as we lived in a small home, but decorated beautifully for my birthday. Mother was upstairs fixing Sloppy Joes and preparing to serve 15 to 20 12 year olds while I was downstairs with 15 to 20 bored friends. We didn’t have a “record player,” not even a radio and I felt desperate…every face was looking at me to do something. I couldn’t take another minute of the stares, so I got a stool. stood on it, and pulled the string that turned the lights on and off. The lights went out and as I climbed off the stool, I realized the party had begun. lol Curious to see what was going on, I got back up on the stool, turned the lights back on, and realized the lights being out was better than playing spin the bottle. hahaha So, of course I turned the lights out again. Before even getting down from my stool, the upstairs door opened. Startled and scared at what my mother, or worse, my father would do, my trusty stool tipped backward and threw me forward. The light switch at the top of the stairs was turned on and my father came bounding down the stairs. I’m a little ashamed to tell the rest of the story, but on the way to the hospital I told my parents that one of my friends had turned the lights off and I was attempting to turn them back on. I told a lie that until this day, I had never confessed and that was 58 years ago. Whew… I fell much better now. *grin*

  27. I had a tea party with my friends in our garden when I turn 18, it was a warm day in the end of may. I had baked for about a week so the was at lest 20 different kinds of cookies and cake. We eat us full on cake, played volleyball (and broke the railing on the terrace, accidentally of corse) and the went down to the beach had a swim and the barbecued on the beach as the sun was setting in the sea (lots of sand in the veggies).
    Ti was wonderful most of them stead over in my small one roomer apartment over the garage on my faders house and continued to celebrate the beginning of the summer the next day.
    It was amazing just to be whit friends.

  28. This don’t count, but I just have to say Happy Birthday.

  29. Sue Collins

    Have a Happy Birthday
    My 18th (many years ago) was rather special – I thought I was having a meal just with close family at the Bernie Inn and was so surprised when I saw my best friend and her parents there………yes my parents had arranged it without me knowing, they also arranged for a big cake to be given to me at the YC Disco – embrassing yes but I got through the evening and have happy memories of it and for someone who usually finds out surprises they did well!

  30. Meg Thompson

    Hi there and a very Happy Birthday to you.
    Whar beautiful colours you have chosen for your cowl which must have been a joy tp knit.
    I am an old knitter(75) not young like you and it is so nice to see the tradition caried on with such pleasure. Now to my favourite birthday memory, well at my age, I have many, but the one that never changes is that the youngest members of the family help me blow out the candles. (4th generation now)
    I do not expect to win this, and I fully understand, as I am from Australia and postage etc can be very costly but I thought I would send a message anyway. I love reading your daily notations and envy you the cold,good knitting,weather you will be having now. Very hot and humid in Australia right now
    Cheers to all

  31. Kelsie

    Happy birthday! My birthday is just about a week before Christmas, so my Mom always tried to be very conscious of making sure I had a special day amongst all of the busy holiday prep. A lot of times we’d go and get breakfast with just the two of us and those were my favorite moments of the day ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  32. Katie

    Happy Birthday!

    Favorite birthday memory – my kids baked me a cake, put a candle on for each year and when lit it created a deep smoke fog 2 foot deep at ceiling height and set off the smoke alarm. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Happy birthday, dear Andi!

    My favorite birthday memory? Let’s see, there’s one where two cakes were accidentally ordered! That one was pretty cool, though I have vague memories of it. In more recent years, my birthday last year (2012) I had my first surprise party!

  34. Julia

    Happy birthday! Love that cowl.

    My favorite birthday memories involve the cakes my mom would bake from scratch. One year she did a replica of my favorite stuffed animal, “Bobue”, aka a stuffed rabbit.

  35. Lucy Roobottom

    Now I have my son, I try to make sure we all have a special birthday breakfast- in the absence of a birthday night out. So it’s fresh OJ, croissants, strawberries and raspberries, yum, yum.

  36. Happy Birthday Andi, hope your having super day!
    My usual birthday tradition is to meet up with my mum and dad at an All you can eat Chinese Buffet and grab myself a lot of banana fritters and syrup! Yum!
    However my favourite birthday was the year Disney’s Aladin came out at the cinema and I was taken to see it in favourite and new Aladin tshirt, I wanted to grow up like Jasmine cos she was very pretty! X

  37. Happy birthday!!!! What a yummy cowl pattern! My favourite birthday was when I was 50 and I had a 50s prom stKyle rock and roll ball!! Everyone dressed up and on the quiet I learnt ballroom jive ,done in sticky out petticoat and peppermint stilettos!! It was great. Everyone there had meant something special to me. my advice? Above all be You!! Have a great time x

  38. Angelica

    My birthday became a whole lot better once my youngest was born. We share the same birthday! Every year, I hand make an element of her birthday outfit. Last year, it was a dress. This year I knit her some wildly colored mittens from left overs bits of yarn and a skirt out of some funky fabric in my stash. My little lady has the best sense of style. I love seeing her wrapped in bits infused with my love on her special day. It makes my special day all the more ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. that is gorgeous! I love the color scheme!!

    Every year around my birthday, my sister gets us tickets for a theater show in Durham and we spend the weekend there. Last year it was Mary Poppins, and it snowed while we were there! That was the best birthday I’ve had in a long time. We played in the snow for hours, I went shopping for sock yarn (an obssession of mine) and we ate lots of good food. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Caitlin

    In my family, the birthday person gets to pick a meal or where they can’t to go out to eat! So recently I have been associating birthdays with sushi ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. I always make my birthday cake on my birthday, and I usually make everyone’s birthday cakes ๐Ÿ™‚ I love baking so that’s fine with me! That is a gorgeous pattern!

  42. Julia

    Happy Birthday, Andi!

    I turned 29 this month; clearly those of us with November birthdays are a superior breed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    When I was a kid, my dad was out of town for business or military stuff more often than not, so my birthday was usually ‘rescheduled’ for a day when he was around. It has always been more about the “who is there” rather than the “what day it is” when it comes to my birthday, so the best birthdays have always been the ones where I got to spend it with the people I love (sappy, but true).

  43. Happy birthday!!

    My birthday falls at the end of May, so the ~birthday tradition~ is my whole family getting together in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, and spending the weekend lounging around in the sand and sun! We actually have a lot of birthdays in May/early June (me, my mom, my niece, and my boyfriend… also my little brother’s anniversary, ha!), so we usually go out one night and have a giant combined birthday celebration of sorts ๐Ÿ™‚ Usually with ice cream cake ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Leslie Blanchard

    Happy birthday! The color combination of Quince yarn is beautiful. Every year for my birthday I go home to visit my parents in Louisiana and we go to a local arts festival. We eat fantastic food and look for unique handmade treasures.

    Peace and joy in the holiday season and all throughout the year.

  45. Christie

    Happy birthday, Andi!

    I have two best birthday memories! For my 22nd birthday, my husband proposed. Four days before my 26th, my beautiful little girl was born. My birthday month is a happy month for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. BJ

    Happy Birthday! I have a twin sister, so on our birthday we would try to be the first to say “Happy Birthday” to escorted. It was like a contest. I would try to wake up first, and I would wait for her to wake up and I would hurry up and say it. This year she moved to California and I live in Ohio, so now it is a race to see who texts first.

  47. My favorite birthday tradition is taking a picture with my niece wearing silly birthday hats in front of the cake every year. It’s awesome to see her grow – it is not awesome to see me get older, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

  48. Courtney

    I love ice-cream cake every birthday! Yum!

  49. Stephanie H.

    Happy Birthday to you! My most recent birthday was a fun one. My cousin was getting married so I was able to have my cake and eat it too on someone else’s dime.

  50. Angela Ng

    Happy Happy birthday.. May you stay pretty and healthy.. ๐Ÿ˜€
    our birthday tradition, the birthday boy or girl will eat this vermicelli (noodles) with egg, meat and vegetables.. on the birthday.. (normally prepared by mom) and it symbolized longevity..

    thank you for a chance to win.. yay.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  51. My favorite birthday memory is me as a child in the 80’s at chuck e. cheese watching the scary but fascinating robotic characters perform on stage.

  52. I’ve been falling into the tradition of going for a run on my birthday. Like a celebration of being young even when getting older. Then I ask my mom to bake one of her “delish” raspberry pies. Mmmm, warm raspberry pie… Wish it was my birthday today. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you had a great b-day Andi!

  53. jennifer s

    happy birthday!!! I still remember an amazing birthday when I was about 6 when I awoke on my birthday to find that my cat had a batch of kittens under my bed. kinda gross when I think of it now, but all those tiny kitties had me flippin over joyed.

  54. Happy Birthday, Andi! My birthday memory is the day when I met my husband and another awesome thing is that we actually share same birthday! So it’s like Christmas for us and we exchange gifts ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Happy bday!

    My favorite birthday memory is when I had a McDonald’s party for my 8th birthday. I invited the girls in my class and we had hamburgers (this was pre-mcnuggets!) fries and cake with a candy Ronald on it. I remember my bestie giving me a mon-chi-chi doll. I think my favorite gift of all was that it was the same day our book orders came in and I got a Ramona Quimby book.

    Hope your birthday memories this year are great ones!

    I love this cowl and the colors are gorgeous – thanks for the chance to win!

  56. Happy birthday! My best birthday memory is from 20 years or so ago when a friend and I were on vacation in Australia. On my birthday we were camped out in Kakadu National Park. Just a gorgeous spot, hot sunny days, rock canyons with beautiful crystal clear waterfalls and plunge pools to swim in.

  57. Ah, Happiest of birthdays to you!

    Lovely giveaway.

    As I get older, I tend to celebrate my birthday all month long. My favorite event during my month long birthday celebration is breakfast with my mom and sis

  58. Mags

    Oh Andi, I missed it, I’m so sorry!

    My favourite birthday tradition used to be getting to choose what we had for dinner, but when I moved out it became being sent a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” text message at 00:01 my time by my sister, regardless of where either of us is in the world.

    Anyhoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too. I’m sorry I missed it yesterday. Although it’s technically still yesterday where you are… ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. Well, I just had my birthday too – and this time it was a summery birthday instead of a wintery one like it’s been for the last eight years. I’m not sure I quite got my head around it but I did LOVE having fresh strawberries for pudding ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Kelly K.

    Happy birthday Andi!!!

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway! The birthday tradition I’ve always loved as a little girl was that my dad would get me a Mylar balloon on my birthday. No matter how much I wanted a “pretty balloon” the other days of the year, it would be a firm “no.” My dad surprised me with one one year and then the year after and so forth. I think I stopped receiving them in my teens. Whenever I see one in stores or events now, it would bring back such sweet memories. Rav ID: kellknit

    Thanks again for the giveaway and a trip down memory lane. ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Christina M

    First of all – GORGEOUS pattern.

    As for my birthday tradition, it’s got to be a cookies and cream cake. No one else wants one for their birthday so all year long, I suffer through their cake choices to get to my own. I’m a cake monster!

  62. Happy Birthday!

    My favorite birthday tradition is a more recent one. Every year my best friend Brian takes me out for a birthday dinner, and I do the same for him. We usually go somewhere semi-fancy. His birthday is in a couple weeks, and I’m excited to take him out to a new place. My favorite birthday place closed, so we’ll get to try a new one for me next year too.

  63. Happy birthday. We always have a curry for tea and then go to the cinema in the evening. As it is just after Xmas there are usually some. Big films on.

  64. Happy birthday! Hope you had a lovely day. Those colours are fantastic. We have a birthday crown tradition – when it’s your birthday you’re required to wear an embarrassing plastic tiara for the entire day. I mean, what’s a birthday without a little sparkle and mild embarrassment? ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  65. Lorien

    Happy Birthday Andi!

    Birthday traditions… I’ve got a birthday 2 weeks after Christmas and lots of aunts and uncles who are gift card crazy, so my favorite thing is to sweep the after Christmas sales on all the holiday colored craft things out there. So much fabric and yarn on sale!

  66. Happy birthday!

    My favorite birthday memory is when I came home on my 18th birthday to find a bouncy house in my itty bitty backyard. My mom thought it would be hilarious to do that. Also, all my friends thought it was great.

  67. Ashley L

    Happy Birthday Andi! Thanks for the lovely present to your readers!

  68. Nicole

    Happy birthday! We always have a huge pizza/ice cream party.

  69. Wendy

    Happy Birthday to you! Best birthday ever was the first one with my now husband – 26 years ago. He treated me all day and there were many surprises, and he’s always kept up the tradition!

  70. Happy Birthday Andi! My best birthday memory so far is when I celebrated my birthday in Beijing, when I was studying there. We had the best pizza in the old city centre, had a few drinks at a local bar, where I got a Tibetan necklace from some random Chinese guy (only in China!), and we ended the night with some amazingly fun karaoke ๐Ÿ˜€ The best time ever! I hope you are having a great time today as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Aimee

    Happy Belated Birthday! My best bday every was when 3 of my girlfriends who couldn’t go home for Christmas (my birthday is 12/26) came over and we spend to entire day in our PJ’s eating, drinking, napping on Christmas dinner leftovers….telling stories, laughing etc.

  72. Nanette

    Hope you had a nice birthday. As I get older it becomes more important to spend time with family. Having my hub and kids around would be all I need!

  73. Hope you had a good one. I was born at 10:24pm and my brother was born at 2:52am. Ever since we moved out of the house, I mother has called us at EXACTLY our birth time to wish us happy birthday. She may speak to me other times during the day but doesn’t actually say happy birthday until 10:24pm!

  74. Happy belated!

    The best birthday thing now is that my office believes your birthday should be a holiday, so you get it off without dipping into your precious vacation time. When I was a kid, my favourite birthday tradition was getting to eat what I wanted. For several years, my breakfast choice was cold, leftover apple pie (leftover so the juices had soaked into the crust a bit). Now that I think about it, I should really bring that back!

    What did/do you do for your birthday? Something special I hope ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Happy Birthday!

    My favourite tradition has got to be my Dad’s cake-making. He always takes such pride in crafting a unique, theme appropriate cake. Highlights of my life include the huge shoe (complete with ankle), the large book with the story of my life and the castle with working drawbridge!

    What’s your tradition, Andi? Hope it includes a well-crafted themed cake too! (Perhaps a skein?! ;p)

  76. Sonya

    Instead of writing New Year’s resolutions, I prefer to write birthday resolutions. It’s become a tradition.

  77. My favorite birthday tradition is to take the day off work (if it falls on a weekday) and treat myself to a massage or pedicure. Followed up by a lovely dinner at a favorite restaurant with my favorite people.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  78. Molly

    Mt favorite birthday tradition is meeting up with my mom for lunch and a visit to some new found knitting shop or garden store!

  79. Happy Birthday!
    Since I started knitting (about two years ago), I had this tradition to visit a new yarn shop, purchase some luxury yarn, and then spend some time in a very nice coffee shop with a dear friend of mine or a family member and talk for hours about randoms things ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Ali

    Happy Birthday! My relatively new birthday tradition is buying nice yarn for myself. I am generally pretty frugal, but every year I spoil myself once on a purchase of some fancy to-die-for yarn. It’s really a gift that keeps on giving… I plan my purchase at least a month in advance, and spend at least another month planning what to knit with it…… and of course, the time spent knitting the project! I always smile when I pull out those projects to wear.

  81. Happy belated birthday! My favourite birthday tradition is breakfast mimosas!

  82. Happy birthday.

    The best birthday tradition is cake. You can’t beat cake.

  83. JennyME

    My favorite birthday tradition: wine and cake!

  84. Happy birthday! Up until the time I moved out of my parents’ house, my mother, father, brother and I would have a birthday breakfast of a big stack of pancakes with a candle in them for every one of our birthdays. On my 18th birthday, I went on a trip to New York and had to leave the house at 5 AM. My family actually offered to wake up at 4AM to have pancakes with me! Even though none of my family lives together any more, I think about that tradition every birthday and it warms my heart.

  85. My favourite birthday memory revolves around me and classmates roller skating around a sports hall, to the sounds of a ancient record player. It was my 13th birthday party and beat all other birthday parties, that year, hands down. It was so much fun that it is still talked about today with fondness (27 years on!)

  86. Rachel C

    My birthday is in early January. My mom used to leave the Christmas tree up for me and kept my birthday presents underneath since I liked Christmas (and the trees) so much. It was always like getting Christmas twice!

  87. Ashley G

    Happy birthday! My favorite (and only) birthday tradition is to bake a chocolate cake with caramel frosting. Everyone in my family loves it!

  88. Happy Birthday!! My birthday was the 19th of November and it was wonderful to be back in NY with my family, since the last two birthdays I was living in VT and didn’t see them as much. We went bowling and it was awesome. I think that might have to be the new tradition!

  89. Izzy

    Hope you had a great birthday!
    My best birthday memory is the pink princess castle cake my mum made me when I was little. That was a really good cake.. YUM:)

  90. Lauren

    Happy Birthday!

    I never ever go to work on my birthday, I always take the day off to do something nice.
    My favourite birthday memory is being 18 and dancing to The Cure in a weird empty club in London. Something about it felt incredibly joyous and wonderful, although all the elements suggested otherwise!

  91. Happy Birthday!

    My favourite birthday memory has to be when I get to cut the birthday cake at midnight ๐Ÿ˜› It just starts the day off right!

  92. hollyk

    Happy Birthday!
    My favorite birthday tradition is baking the cake for the birthday child, to his or her exact specifications. Which once included serving a purple cake to my son’s birthday party!

  93. Laura H

    Happy Birthday! I had a fashion show party for my 9th that was fabulous. We got makeup (lipgloss and clear mascara) done and then put on a runway show that was videotaped. It was so much fun!

  94. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday!!!! No real traditions expect the past few birthdays I’ve received a new Flik Flak watch from a good friend. Technically, I’m supposed to change them based on what I’m wearing, so I often get a bit of a scolding when he catches me on a mismatched day. Luckily, he buys them in bright happy colors that match most of my clothes, so for the most part, I can convince him that the lime green is just as appropriate as the turquoise one with bright pink!

  95. Kalin

    Happy day of birth!! My favorite birthday memory is from last year my entire family (Grandparents, Cousins, Aunts & Uncles, the whole lot) went on a cruise together and on my Birthday I got to spend the afternoon at the beach and I wore a silver sequin dress to dinner. It was lovely!

  96. Heather

    My favorite birthday tradition is celebrating with my Dad as our birthday is two days apart. We always celebrate together and we take turn picking out the cake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Novia

    Happy belated Birthday Andi.
    My favorite birthday was this year. I spent the whole day with one of my favorite people in the world. She took me to breakfast, we checked out Louis Armstrong’s house in Queens, we grabbed Indian food then went to a painting by numbers class, and we ended the night at a karaoke bar before going to her house to cuddle and sleep. It was so amazing.
    I hope your birthday was everything you wanted and so much more.
    Btw… You’re designs are dope.

  98. Kristin

    Happy happy birthday!

    My birthday’s in January and one year it started snowing after we got to school so we got out at 1. I got to go home and play with my new toys and go sledding with a neighbor – lots of fun!

  99. Isabel

    I’m a New Year’s Eve birthday with no traditions that have carried over for my more than 50 years!!! Each one has been special in it’s own way in it’s own time.

    I hope you birthday was wonderful.

  100. Jess Z

    Every year for my birthday, I have dinner with all my friends from different stages of life. It’s so much fun to see all my worlds come together for my birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Happy Birthday! I remember last year, I invited quite a few people over to my tiny studio (under 500 Sq. Ft.) and somehow we crammed over 20 people inside. There was lots of weaving through people. It was fun, but man it was warm! haha.

  102. Shannon

    Oh, my you and my son share a birthday ? How lovely of you to share your day with all of us as well

  103. Kate

    My favourite birthday was when I turned 10 and I went out for yum cha with ALL my family – sisters, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents!

  104. Melissa

    My favourite birthday tradition as a kid was going as a special treat to “Cobb & Co”, a NZ family restaurant, and ordering Traffic Lights (three-layer coloured drinks – red, orange and green).

  105. Ramona

    Heppy Birthday! Hope you had a great birthday!
    On birthdays my mum makes a big cake. Its every year the same one. But its great and huge and looks more like a wedding cake.

  106. It was my birthday yesterday! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you had a great one! For me, it was the first time without a homemade cake – it was tough to accept that I have to forgo that tradition, but I survived ๐Ÿ˜‰

  107. Anna Flowers

    When I first moved away from home for work, I missed my family celebrating my birthday with me, so that year (and every year since) I sent my mom flowers and said, “Thanks”. She loves it and so do I ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Rebecca

    Happiest of birthday’s to you!

    My Mother In Law bought me a tape (yes, it was that long ago!) that had a birthday song sung by a robot type person-“Hey Rebecca it’s your Birthday, singing Rebecca it’s your birthday”. She has since passed away but my husband plays it every year for me. It reminds me of her and always makes me smile because it’s just so darn goofy!

  109. Bich Thu Autruong

    My most memorable birthday is when I found out that my birth certificate have a different date than the one I have been celebrating. We never had to look at the certificate before until i needed it for paperworks.

  110. Rachel

    My favorite birthday memory is the time my friends made a scavenger hunt for me. It was so much fun, and afterwards we got all dressed up and sat around our apartment being silly.

    Happy birthday! I always always read your blog, even though I lurk instead of commenting.

  111. Happy birthday again! And thank you for the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Hollis Dunsmore

    Happy Birthday!

    Best birthday for me was when my mum suprised me with a trip to Australia and the actual day of my birthday we had dinner in the outback near Ayers Rock. Amazing.

  113. Amanda W.

    Six skeins of Quince!! Oh goodie!!

    My favorite birthday tradition has to be pinatas. I live in south Texas and my father is of Mexican decent. Pinatas are a must for every birthday. And sometimes for the occasional Tuesday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. Jessie

    Happy birthday! My favorite birthday tradition is dressing up and going out to a nice dinner with my family. It’s a good chance to go to a nice restaurant and spend time with family.

  115. Jacey

    Happy Birthday Andi!! My birthday is in a couple of weeks and my favourite tradition is going tobogganing in the evening followed by a hot drink afterwards.

  116. Cecile

    Happy birthday! My favorite birthday tradition was “invented” by myself and it’s to do what I want and eat how I want for my special day (and I have to be sure that it’s a day full of knitting as well!).

  117. Constance

    Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday memory was for my 28th. It was such a great day spent with my sisters and my nieces. We went to see Sherlock: Game of Shadows and out to eat. Of course my presents were nice but, I ultimately enjoyed spending the time with my family.

  118. Happy Birthday!! My favorite birthday memory is that I would take the day off of work and my dad and I would spend the day together. We would go have lunch and plan something to do. My birthday is in August so it would usually be something outdoors. My dad passed away 7 years ago so it’s memories that I keep close to my heart.

  119. Amy

    Happy Birthday . . .I love going to the beach for my birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. I love birthdays, even though they weren’t celebrated too much growing up (long story). I did start a new tradition for my children, which is my favorite. I make birthday sweaters for my kids. Sometimes they get to pick the color or pattern, but every year (so far, this is the second year), they get a sweater. It’s helpful that one birthday is in January and one is in September. ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. Greta

    Happy birthday! I don’t have any set birthday tradition, except that every year my mom bakes me a poppy seed cake with the fluffiest of frosting!

  122. Naomi

    Happy Birthday.
    My favorite thing to do on my birthday as a kid was a bowling party!

  123. Pam H

    Happy Birthday!! My tradition is to take the day off from work and do whatever strikes my fancy, read a good book, knit, see a movie and definitely DO NOT COOK. This is a great giveaway, hope to win.

  124. Pam D’Esopo

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Pretty color palette of yarn
    One of my favorite birthday memories is when, in sixth grade, I was allowed to have my entire class over for candy-making. We made pulled taffy, and it was a huge, chaotic, fun mess. ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. One of my favorite birthday memories is from high school. My two best friends and I have the same birthday and we would have a mini party at lunch with balloons and cupcakes.

  126. rc

    Happy birthday! My favorite birthday tradition is seeing the latest Pixar movie. It generally falls around my bday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. Dee

    Hope your birthday is wonderful! I love spending my birthday indulging myself in good food all day–not just cake!

  128. Happy Birthday!

    My favorite tradition is getting sushi, mmm sushi is so good.

  129. Rach

    Happy birthday! I don’t have any specific birthday traditions except that my cake is always cheesecake. It’s my absolute favorite, and it doesn’t seem like my birthday without it. Aside from indulging in delicious food, I usually just love spending some time outdoors with my husband and dogs.

  130. Happy Birthday, Andi ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was born at 6:49 pm in the summer , so my parents would always have a pool party for my birthday and I was never allowed to open my gifts until 6:49 pm – when I was officially a year older ๐Ÿ™‚ To be honest, I hated it when I was a kid (I just wanted to open those presents !) but I love it now. Most people don’t even know what time they were born and this has forever engrained it in my brain.

  131. Happy (belated) birthday!
    When it comes to birthday celebrations my favourite was a ‘summer’ camping trip with a group of chums. I say ‘summer’ because no sooner than we arrived at the camping ground, the clouds rolled in and the heavens opened! Pitching tents in the rain was a pretty funny sight, which only got more funny when one tent, which want fully pegged down, got caught if a gust of wind and was carried into a neighbouring field! My husband dashed to rescue it, leaping over the fence to retrieve it from the cows. Little did he know, the fence had an electric current through it- got the shock of his life!! We all saw the funny side when the tents were finally up and we were cozied around the campfire toasting marshmallows and sipping rum- definitely a birthday to remember!

  132. Dorothy

    Happy Birthday,Andi! Thank you for this awesome give away!

    You have the same birthday as one my really good friends who I’ve known for 20 years. Mine is on the 8th. One of my favorite birthday memories is for my 21st birthday. My friends and I went out for sushi. my “cake” was fried green tea ice cream. Then we all went down to the beach and did a bonfire.

    Times have definitely changed! this year I want a sewing machine and time, to knit my first sweater.

  133. Tanya

    Happy birthday!

    My tradition is to take the day off work, go out for breakfast and do something nice in the day. This year I was 30 and I spent my birthday week in NYC – my first trip to the USA.

  134. Happy Birthday!

    My favorite birthday memory was from my 23rd birthday, I took my dog and my boyfriend at the time and we hiked to the top of a 14er. We saw a moose swimming in a pond at the bottom of the mountain, we could see the whole world (it seemed like) from the top, and all sorts of beautiful things in between. I want to make it a tradition to do something crazy like that every year ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. ailsa d

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday and remembered to make a wish when blowing out your candles. My birthday’s on the darkest day of the year (in Scotland it’s dark by 3.30pm) but I used to insist on having a “picnic”. Nothing better than getting all wrapped up in every woollen you own and drinking hot, spiced fruit juice around a roaring bonfire with friends. Now I’ve realised you don’t need to wait for a birthday, just do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. Deborah

    My twin sons were born on April 1, a week (and 30 years) after my own birthday. I love celebrating every year with my April fools. They’re grown men now, and one of the best birthdays we celebrated was together in India!

  137. Happy birthday! This is pretty boring, but my favorite part about birthdays is the cake! I don’t have to do anything special; I just want some birthday cake with fluffy frosting on it.

  138. April Wedman

    Wow! What beautiful colorful yarn! I have wonderful memories of my mom making me angel food cake on my birthday with coins wrapped in wax paper hidden in the cake.

  139. Happy Belated Birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite birthday memory: My Mother was all about fairness for my sister and I, as kids. So, since my sis and I are born almost exactly 2 and 1/2 years apart (5 days off). On my birthday…I would get gifts and my sister would get a small 1/2 birthday gift. On her birthday I would get a 1/2 birthday gift too. So, it’s like a birthday every 6 months. I did this tradition for my daughters too. My girls are born almost exactly (5 days off) 4 and a 1/2 years apart too. It’s just a silly tradition, but I felt the need to continue it. Lol.

  140. Gabi

    Favorite birthday tradition: inviting my familiy (ca. 16 people, we are growing because of all my new nieces and nephews) for lunch at our house and afterwards cake eating and so on. For me, all the cooking and baking is a little bit stressfull, but to have them all at one tabel chatting and laughing is so nice!

  141. Agnes

    There’s this doll that was my mother had when she was little. It’s a fairy, with “Happy Birthday” embroidered on it’s dress, my sisters and I put it under the birthday girls pillow. Who knows what we’ll do for my brother!
    Happy Birthday!

  142. nushechka

    Happy Birthday!
    My favorite part about birthdays is the birthday cake )))

  143. GinaC.

    Happy Belated Birthday!! and thanks for this contest with lovely prizes! My favourite tradition is that all siblings (there are 6 of us all told), spread over a wide area, call each other on their birthday for a nice catch-up.

  144. Aw, happy birthday!

    When I was a kid, my favorite birthday tradition was that the birthday boy/girl got to pick whatever they wanted for dinner. That was the best. But now, I love making and eating elaborate cakes!

  145. alice

    Happy Belated Birthday! My favorite thing to do on my birthday is to have the day off. Luckily my boss agrees with me so I have next Tuesday off from work! Also hubby gives me a giant tub of pop corn! mmmmm!

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

  146. Happy happy birthday! xoxox

  147. Janie Go Knit

    Wow, what a nice prize! My favorite birthday memory is the kind of “cake” my mom used to make for me. When I was a kid for some weird reason I didn’t like traditional cake. I did like peanut butter rice krispy bars, though, so she’d make that. It went in a tube cake pan and had chocolate frosting and was an absolute bear to slice. But it tasted fantastic.

  148. Carrie B

    My mom making me German Chocolate cake from scratch. That was my birthday cake for years! Cheers to you

  149. Frances

    My birthday is usually near (or on) the USA celebration of MLK Jr. Day in January. When I was in school, we got that Monday off. Always love an extended weekend, especially with such a good reason to celebrate ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for the contest!

  150. Sue

    Happy birthday to you! My favorite memory was being given my birthday money and allowed to go to the state fair with my friends for a whole day – mini doughnuts, rides in the midway and the grandstand show.

  151. Connie Kline

    My favorite birthday memory is really a series of birthday memories. Each of my daughters got to take a day off school for their birthday every year, and I would spend the day with them having a Mom and me day.

  152. WOW! What an incredible giveaway!
    my favorite tradition would have to be extending my birthday for as long as possible. I probably drive my husband nuts but my birthday quickly turns into my birthday week! And for the longest time, I had a tradition of throwing myself a party…a HUGE party. ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. Jessica Williams

    Happy birthday! My birthday is the day after Halloween so, I ALWAYS take the day off from work on my birthday (and for Halloween). Then, I eat my favorite pieces of my kids’ Halloween candy, before it gets thrown out. Then dinner out with my family.

  154. My favorite tradition was waking my son his every birthday morning…at 3:31am…at the minute he was born…to welcome him to his new year.

  155. Wali

    Happy Happy Birthday! My birthday is coming up on Dec 22nd. Things I love to do are buy (or receive) new yarn, get a massage or manicure and eat good food with good people. Laughs are a requirement too ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. Happy belated birthday! For my fav birthday almost-but-not-every-year tradition, I love breakfast for dinner followed by cupcakes ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. Clare

    Happy birthday! I have a summer birthday so my tradition usually involves gathering together all my friends to picnic in the park.

  158. Jaime

    Happy belated birthday! My birthday was yesterday and as far as best birthday memories…I’m making them now. My six year old son made all my gifts himself (a comic book, a rubberband bracelet, a card that he sounded out the words for and wrote himself) and my 2.5 year old daughter sang “Happy Birthday” and told me several times how “boo-tee-full” I am.

  159. Janice

    Happy birthday! My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is sushi with my family. And something gooey and dark chocolate for dessert.

  160. Susanne Scheurwater

    Well Happy Birthday to you! Love that scarf and I would wear it well…not as beautiful as you but I would l.o.v.e. it!!! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  161. My favorite birthday tradition from when I was a kid was making my own birthday cake. I got to pick out the flavor or recipe, and the frosting to go with it, then I mixed it up, baked it, frosted it and decorated it. I hope to continue this with my daughter when she’s old enough …

  162. Melanie G!

    Happy belated! My birthday is coming up (it’s the 23rd), so I’m looking forward to opening presents wrapped by my father. Besides the messy use of tape and wrinkled corners, he chooses to wrap my presents half in Christmas paper and half in birthday paper. I don’t know why, but it cracks me up to this day! And this’ll be the 25th time he’s done it…hehe.

  163. Emma

    Happy birthday!! Growing up my mom always woke me up at 1am on my birthday to sing and give me a small slice of cake in bed. This was HUGE special treat, since we were a pretty strict household otherwise!

  164. Amanda

    Happy Birthday!!

    A nice restaurant near my work does a champagne toast on your birthday – i’ve celebrated there since they opened. Good food, good friends, and Champagne.

  165. Julie La Salle

    I don’t have a tradition for my birthday. My favorite birthday was this year. I turned 40. My husband took half a day off so we could go see Star Trek together and then go for a run. It was great!
    Thank you!

  166. Cecile

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    My favorite is a family tradition on my dad’s side of the family, we get together every month and celebrate all the birthdays during that month.

  167. Anna

    Happy happy birthday!! What a beautiful kit and fun giveaway!

  168. Tenise

    Happy Belated Birthday! My favorite birthday memory? Is being woken up at 5AM EST my freshman year in college. My family was homeless, and we’d been communicating by letter, since it was 1995. I didn’t expect to hear from them that day and I resolved to pretend I was okay without hearing any of their voices. My Mom surprised me by calling from a pay phone, singing Happy Birthday, and telling me how incredibly proud she was of me. Her singing moved me to tears. It was the best birthday present I have ever gotten.

  169. Lea

    I was able to go to Comic-Con in San Diego, CA this year. The convention fell on my birthday weekend. It was definitely my most exciting birthday. I was able meet some of my favorite authors and enjoyed all is the cosplayers there. It was so much fun!

  170. MelodyJ

    My best birthday memory is when I got a puppy for my sixth birthday.

  171. Wow… I was looking at Knitty and came here to ask you a question about your new sweater – I was thinking about converting Armande to all-ever ribs in the body, since I am very hourglassy. Thoughts? And since I have 25 minutes left to enter your contest… my favorite birthday tradition is carrot cake! Yum! Thanks for the inspiration!