Knit Fit!

This weekend was Knit Fit, a relatively new Seattle knitting event, and it was a ton of fun. On Saturday I took a class on double knitting, and I think I got the technique pretty much figured out. On the left is my flat swatch. I didn’t get around to binding off my circular swatch, but it was easy enough to figure out.


I hung out and knit for a bit, and then a group of us went to go out to dinner at a pub before Leethal‘s Game Knitting event like we did the year before. Unfortunately the extremely windy weather we were having made that a bit of a challenge. We got to the pub and the power was knocked out! They were still open, but they were only serving drinks and could only take cash. We decided to have a few drinks in the dark because we were already there, which was very fun, and then we had pizza at game knitting. On Sunday I got up early and went over to volunteer for half of the day. It was nice because I got to chat with a lot more people outside of my group of knitting friends. I love Seattle’s knitting community.







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  1. Kirsten Hinkle

    Andi, I sure miss the days that your blog free, but the again, everyone has a life and I am more than willing to wait! I would love to hear more about double knitting. as you go along will ya keep us posted? also, it is getting to the point that there are so many books out on specific areas of knitting that you almost don’t know where to look. Those that are presently the tops in double knitting have all written a book but everyone seems divided on the best for beginners. do you have any input? some of the books are visual feasts for the mind and ones creativity along with teaching the basics. It can be so stunning, so beautiful! even your swatch inspires not only the “I want to learn how to do that” bug but you are a fun and engaging person! Great qualities for a teacher.:)

    Wow, ya can’t tell that I wast to learn double knitting! LOL! Take care until your next blog

    1. I don’t have a good suggestion for a book because I decided to take a class instead. Sorry!

    2. Sheila

      I love double knitting:) It’s the perfect technique for knitting pot holders because of the two layers. It also does not take too much time and you will soon have beautiful results. There are so many possibilities for patterns, a simple checkered pattern could do it for the beginning. If you want to learn it, you could search on the internet for tutorials or on youtube where everything is shown step by step. If you can knit, it is not too difficult to learn and when you once to know the ropes it is easy and satisfying. Wish you luck:)

  2. Tina

    What a fun weekend Andi!! Your blog whet’s my appetite for more ‘knitting time’!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jessica

    That sounds like so much fun! My friend and I are always looking for knitting stuff to do. She’s a lot better at it than me, ha. We are trying to plan a knitting date and work on a project together.

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