A Slight Change of Sewing Plans

In an unfortunate case of bad luck, it turns out that I just barely don’t have enough fabric to make a circle skirt for this dress. Instead, I decided to go with a gathered skirt. It will be cute but not as 50s of a look as I originally was aiming for. It’s a bit disappointing, but not the end of the world.ย I also managed to cut out my bodice front slightly crooked despite my best attempts, but I think a belt will hide that. I just need to do the skirt lining and attach a zipper at this point, so this will be done in the near future!


To get a good fit on my bodice, I lowered the bust tip by an inch and I moved the shoulder seam forward 3/8 of an inch to make up for the slight curve of my back. I can’t really take credit for figuring out my fitting alterations. Last time I was home visiting my parents, my mom and I made a muslin, and she sorted out all of the necessary adjustments. I think this is probably how I’ll do muslins going forward because it’s hard to fit yourself, and the Craftsy class on fit that I took was pretty useless for me. I’m hoping my mom and I can work through a new pattern’s muslin over Thanksgiving!






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  1. I bet if you put a crinoline under that gathered skirt, it’ll 50s it right up! I can’t tell the bodice is crooked at all, if it’s any consolation ๐Ÿ™‚ I am loving the plaid. The colors are really subdued and very vintagey looking. I always have a friend help me with muslins–there’s just no way to do it all with two hands!

  2. Oh it’s looking adorable! Sewing muslins is always super helpful. It’s so hard to fit yourself, though! I hope you and your mom can do some good fitting together!

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  3. oh to have a seamstress mother!

    It’s looking like a super cute dress!

  4. 50s or not, the dress looks adorable! I love the pattern.

  5. Love the plaid, and I’m sure the gathered skirt will still look cute and vintage. Also, I’ve learned about doing fittings in school and would love to get more practice if you ever need help!

  6. I can’t tell the bodice is crooked with the plaid and skirt gathering. It looks wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I generally don’t do muslims (impatient and lazy) but I luckily live with my mother. She isn’t a seamstress (she jokes she can’t even sew a button) but she spent 20 years fitting clothes. Whenever I get to a certain point in my sewing that requires fitting, I usually ask her to pin me up so I can get the right fit.

  7. Have you considered making a body double? There are tutorials online for making your own sewing buddy, by wearing a t-shirt and wrapping duct tape tightly around your body (done by a friend and making sure to get all the curves correct). Then you cut up the back, stuff it, and tape up the seam. It’s supposed to work REALLY well for fit, and helps when you don’t always have another set of hands. You could also get a broom handle to put in the middle and put it on a platform so you could make sure it’s the right height for hems as well. I’ve considered it, but I haven’t taken that leap yet! Although, I do know where to get a shirt for $1 (Walmart recently had cotton shirts in my size on sale) so maybe I should just splurge a little… ๐Ÿ™‚ The dress looks fabulous, and best of luck with the next muslin!

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