Afghan Envy

Whenever I see a blog post with an afghan or quilt, I always get a little wistful. Handmade blankets are so cozy, and I want them all, but for the longest time I couldn’t imagine making my own. I’d see my mom spend months crocheting a blanket, and I’d remind her how much I love and use the one she made me in the hopes that she’d make me a second one.


Blankets seemed like they would take forever, but then I noticed the rate with which one of my friends in my knitting group whipped up a bulky knit blanket. It was cushy and springy, and most importantly, it didn’t take forever to make. Making my own blanket started to seem like something I might have enough patience to do so I picked up some Cascade 128 at my yarn store’s sale, and picked up a hook.


I’ve been thinking of it as my I’m-burnt-out blanket. I’ve been working on it when I’m too fried to want to do anything other than crochet around and around. I went with a simple giant granny square shape because it doesn’t require seaming or too much of my attention. It’s just squishy and cheerful!






13 responses to “Afghan Envy”

  1. Shannon

    I’m still working on my marriage afghan, however I made it HUGE but it’s still the perfect burnt out project. I love working on lap blankets during the fall so they keep your lap slightly warm!

  2. And that’s why I’m making the Bee Keeper’s Quilt. When I just want to knit but not really do anything, I make a few puffs. It’s coming along nicely and is a great travel project. I find that my socks end up dropping too many stitches for me to safely bring around with me.

  3. So pretty! I adore your color choices.

  4. Love the colour combo! It’s going to be fab.

  5. Love your color choices. I’m making a granny square afghan for my mom right now. I’ve really been slacking and need to get back to work. Enjoy the weekend.


  6. So cute. I started the one I saw on the Purl Bee site about 2 years ago and still haven’t finished. I can’t wait to see the finished blanket.

  7. Constance

    Gorgeous! I have been meaning to make a crochet blanket for years! But, I have a knit one in progress that I have been working on since 2007. Go figure.

  8. Giant, handmade blankets are awesome. I probably knit one of them a year so I know though I haven’t crocheted any yet. Have fun making yours!

  9. In love the colours you have chosen. I’ve never thought of doing a bulky weight blanket. That’s a genius idea!

  10. Those colors are great together. I want / need a new bedspread but have waiting to knit one. Maybe a bulky knit or crochet is my answer to not wanting to take too much time on one project.

  11. I really like Cascade 128. It holds up well to use. And it makes blankets go by so much faster.

    1. That’s good to hear! I was wondering about wear.

  12. My sister made me one of these. I love it!!

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