Whenever I see a blog post with an afghan or quilt, I always get a little wistful. Handmade blankets are so cozy, and I want them all, but for the longest time I couldn’t imagine making my own. I’d see my mom spend months crocheting a blanket, and I’d remind her how much I love and use the one she made me in the hopes that she’d make me a second one.


Blankets seemed like they would take forever, but then I noticed the rate with which one of my friends in my knitting group whipped up a bulky knit blanket. It was cushy and springy, and most importantly, it didn’t take forever to make. Making my own blanket started to seem like something I might have enough patience to do so I picked up some Cascade 128 at my yarn store’s sale, and picked up a hook.


I’ve been thinking of it as my I’m-burnt-out blanket. I’ve been working on it when I’m too fried to want to do anything other than crochet around and around. I went with a simple giant granny square shape because it doesn’t require seaming or too much of my attention. It’s just squishy and cheerful!


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