I had to travel for work last week, and now that I’m home, nothing beats sitting on the couch, watching Pushing Daisies and working on a sweater. I have two sweaters on my needles right now. This one uses the yarn I shared a few weeks ago. The stitch pattern is a little lacey so it looks like a crumpled mess right now, but I think it will look great when it’s all blocked. What have you been working on lately?


  • Nothing sadly πŸ™ I’m storing up some episodes of Game of Thrones so hopefully that will motivate me to knit.

    The green sweater looks good even in its crumpled state – it looks like moss!

  • Your sweater looks gorgeous! I’ve been humming and hawing over whether to suck it up and finish my dark, wooly cardigan or put it on the back burner to start a more springlike sweater in a light cotton yarn. One thing that always deters me about handmade sweaters, though, is the possibly of elbow pooching (my made-up term for this phenomenon when the sweater stretches out at the elbow joints, causing a raised bump when your arms are straightened). Do you have any advice or ideas about to deal with this? This post makes me want to re-watch Pushing Daisies, especially since spring is right around the corner! (I’ve ignored the weather forecasts that are calling for snow later this week, but I am in Canada, after all.)

    • I get slight elbow pooches, but they don’t really bother me. Store bought sweaters will do it, too. The reason why most people don’t notice that is they rarely buy sweaters that are made with the types of yarn hand knit sweaters are made of or fit like hand knit sweaters. The only way I know of to avoid it is to make a less fitted sleeve and/or use yarn that has less memory.

      • Thank you! Interestingly, I just noticed that my lambs’ wool sweater I bought secondhand a while ago that I’m wearing has a bit of elbow pooching going on. It’s definitely reassuring to know that life still goes on, elbow pooching or not.

  • Your Chuck pattern in bright red yarn! I’ve been knitting in while waiting for my carpool partner after work and during run-throughs of the play I’m in. ^_^

  • Gorgeous colour! I’m working on a ‘parcel’ sweater in a lovely teal colour, I’ve just started the increases above the waist πŸ˜€ Although I just realised I forgot to put it in my bag this morning so I won’t be able to work on it at lunchtime like I normally do πŸ™ I knew I’d forgotten something when I left but couldn’t think what.

  • Hi Andi!
    I am working on my first big project and my first sweater. It is Miette. I hope to get ready in a week or two πŸ™‚ It is in light gray. Not very springly. But I am so much looking forward to wear it.
    When I finish I want to start with Marion. πŸ™‚


  • Hello,

    I just love Pushing Daisies, such a cute show! That green is just lovely, I do like green, not sure personally if I can pull it off with my skin tone, but I will wear it anyway! I am working on my first sweater, your Miette pattern! I’m really excited about it. I have been knitting for years but have not tackled a sweater yet and figured this is the perfect summer to start. I have the yarn on order and should be able to start on it next week. Thank you for offering such cute patterns!

    • I find green to be a challenging color to wear, too. I’m mostly knitting this sweater so I can make a sweater rainbow! Green was the only color I was missing.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing how your sweater turns out. I almost thought that was Rowan Felted Tweed… which reminds me that I have some languishing in the stash. I’ve got to finish up a shawl design and book editing. But the moment those are done, I will knit All The Things.

  • Lovely green! I am looking for a green myself – I just keep running into yellow-y greens, and I’d rather have a bluer green. I would rather have a darker jewel tone one – like a true Emerald green. It’s harder to find than you think! I really want it for a test knit I’m doing, and I hope to find what I’m looking for soon! πŸ™‚

  • Britta’s sweater is all knitted. Only the embroidery is left. I may try and work on that this weekend.

  • Oh, what a pretty sour-green! Can’t wait to see what you make out of it – you’re a genius with those cropped sweater! I haven’t been knitting much but now the pattern writing is done (for now) I can finally continue knitting on another silk top and laceweight cardi… Catching up on my Summer knitting despite the snow falling outside,because I will soon be in the tropics again, this time for 2 months!

  • Beautiful! I recently crocheted a purse from similar yarn! I wish you’d publish some crochet patterns; I love your designs!

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