Spring Greens

Back in December I realized that I had cropped sweaters in all of the primary and complementary colors except for green. Unsurprisingly, the idea of putting together a color wheel of sweaters appealed to me, but I struggle with green. I’m not sure what my issue is with the color, but I always feel like it won’t fit into my wardrobe despite the fact that almost half of my dresses are floral prints with, you know, green on them. It’s quite silly, and it took me a long time to figure out what shade of green to use.


But I had a ball of green laying around, leftover from my Aunt’s sweater, and I realized that it matched one of my dresses. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it so I went out and bought enough to make a cropped cardigan from it. It should be a quick project, and the gauge will be quite large because I’m thinking of using a lace pattern or eyelets. And when it’s done, I’ll have my rainbow of sweaters!






8 responses to “Spring Greens”

  1. Nice tweed! I also have issues with green. In the worst cases it can be just too zingy and impossible for me to wear. But your tweed looks good, apple-y. The mention of dresses quickens my blood, I’ve love to be wearing some pretty florals right now, but we still have snow on the ground in Berlin, which is incredibly dreary for March – I’m completely over it.

  2. Lauren

    I love it! Can’t wait to see your sweater rainbow!!!!

  3. I bought green yarn to make your Miette cardigan. I stood in the yarn store for an hour picking it out. Now I look at it and think it may be too dark. I hope I end up liking it!

  4. Constance

    That should be gorgeous! I love green and your cropped sweaters. So, together it’s going to be phenomenal.

  5. Ellisen

    A lovely green! Will look great on you.

  6. Such a pretty green! Tell me you’ve come out with another cropped sweater pattern!? *happy dance*

    1. I’ve got one started! I just need to finish my current sweater before it can have my full attention.

  7. That’s a really pretty green! It will look smashing with your dark hair.

    I used to avoid green, too, but right now I’m really loving it. Must be a spring thing. I’m working on 2 green things, and planning one more!

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