Grey Seed Stitch


I’ve been working on a seed stitch cowl as my “social knitting.” The yarn is leftover Plymouth Yarn brushed baby alpaca from my hat, and the cowl is an awesome mindless knit. I love making seed stitch cowls because you just need to cast on an odd number of stitches and k1, p1 until you’re done! You don’t even need to fuss with marking the beginning of your round if you have an odd number of stitches. I’m looking forward to having a somewhat matched hat and cowl set.






9 responses to “Grey Seed Stitch”

  1. Why don’t I have a seed stitch cowl? something is definitely missing in my life. Lookin good, as far as i can tell.

  2. I’ve been dying to make a sweater with seed stitch cuffs and collar. It is such a lovely stitch.

    1. It’s one of my favorites. I love the way the texture feels.

  3. <3 seed stitch – I hate to knit it, but when it's done it's awesome. I've just started reading you blog and have gone all the way back to the 2010 posts so far — still reading! So many helpful hints — last night I tried reading and knitting for the first time after reading your post about how to get knitting done even when social/school work need attention. I just picked up 'Caleb's Crossing' by Geraldine Brooks and couldn't decide whether to knit or read… then remembered I could do both! With a tape measure as my book weight I think I got about three inches of a little girls' dress done as well as 50 pages! Firing on all cylinders now… thanks, Andi!

    1. I’m glad my tips helped!

  4. Oh seed stitch! I love the way it looks, it can just get a bit dull to knit. Did you know that it’s called the rice stitch or crazy stitch in Spanish?

  5. There’s something about seed stitch that tends to drive me crazy. I don’t know what it is, but I think it’s my least favorite texture to make!

  6. Chloe

    I love the look of seed stitch but just but just can’t keep on track. Inevitably I end up doing two knit or two Purls in a row and don’t realize it until five rows later. Practice makes perfect, I guess, and I’m getting a little better at it, but I don’t ever think I’ll be able to read a book and work that particular stitch pattern. I envy you!

  7. A matched set, that is something I don’t have. When I get bundled up for a walk, I am the most colourful knitter. Nothing matches!!

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