I knocked out quite a bit of my secret knitting on Friday night and didn’t touch any knitting for the rest of the weekend. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t working on crafty stuff, though. I spent most of my weekend working on a handful of patterns. You might remember two of them. I made both of these sweaters over the summer, but somehow the patterns ended up on the back burner, and I forgot about them.  Some people have hibernating WIPs, but I ended up with hibernating patterns.


I’ve been focusing on knitting accessories for my social knitting while I work on my secret projects in part because I have a bit of a backlog of unfinished patterns. I don’t want to start any new designs that I’ll want to self publish until I get a few of the ones I’ve already started finished! I don’t know how people can handle having dozens of WIPs. I only have a handful of unfinished projects, and they’re starting to drive me a bit mad.


  • I’m the same way – if I have more than two projects (one big, one small), I go a bit crazy. I guess that means we’re finishers? That’s not a bad thing!

    Good luck on powering through!

  • The pink (coral?) sweater looks pretty. Are these pics are taken last year before Winter? (Pls say yes because all that colourful foliage is making me yearn for summer/fall! And we’re only halfway through winter up in the north here.) As for the multiple WIPs… Having a bad/selective memory helps ease the madness. 😉

    • I took both sets of pictures in late November at my parents’ house in Northern California. Those blackberry bushes just stay green year round!

  • I’m going slightly insane myself – I have 4-5 unfinished patterns that I really need to get done. It’s not so much the actual writing, but it’s the finishing touches – the pictures, the gauge (most are accessories so gauge isn’t a must before starting), and making it pretty. I’m lagging on them, and really need to push through one or two a night and just finish them. I wish I could write more, but I have a feeling that until these are done, no more will make themselves available in my head to complete. 🙂 Good luck!

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