My roommate has this adorable knit bird that she made, and when I was moving in, my mom became infatuated with it. She requested her own bird for Christmas, but she wanted it to be a pin cushion, not just decorative. That left me scratching my head because knit pin cushions? You can’t just knit one, stuff it, and call it a day. That wouldn’t make a very functional pin cushion!


What I ended up doing is buying a tomato shaped pin cushion, and I knit around it. I used the strawberry shaped needle cleaner to stuff the head of my bird as well as some red scrap yarn. It works quite well as a pin cushion, and my mom is very pleased with it.


Apparently one of my aunts had a similar idea as me because this adorable pin cushion was hiding among my Christmas presents. My aunt is working on using up her quilting stash, and this looks like it was the perfect project for scraps. Isn’t it cute?


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