2013 Plans


I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but last year I had a few goals for myself:

1. Graduate College
2. Get a Job
3. Don’t Move Home
4. Knit More Sweaters
5. Write More Patterns

I managed to accomplish 1-4 quite successfully. The first three are kind of a big deal, and I’m pretty proud of them, but they kind of interfered with my pattern writing so I didn’t do as well as I would have liked with #5. I’m totally okay with that, but in 2013, I’d like to revisit those two.


I don’t have any lofty goals for this year. I have much simpler plans:

1. Knit More Sweaters — You can never have too many.
2. Sew More — I’m finally living under the same roof as my sewing machine, and I’d like to get better at sewing.
3. Knit Some Slipper Socks — This seems pretty random, but I lost all of my store-bought slipper socks when I moved!
4. Figure Out How To Take Decent Photos In My Apartment — I’ve been working on this awhile, but I can’t get it figured out. I’ve been thinking about buying studio lights.
5. Publish More Patterns — I get patterns written, but the actual publishing stuff like photography and editing is where I’ve been dragging my feet. I might need to cut back on the self publishing and focus more on submitting to publications.







13 responses to “2013 Plans”

  1. claire

    Happy new year!
    Your website is lovly!
    Goodluck and best wiahes with your goals you are very talented i am sure yiu will achieve them,

  2. don’t buy studio lights. don’t. take the arrow and apple lighting e-course. you’ll have everything figured out for less than the price of one lamp. the class was $50 and the materials were less than $50. I really should re-visit the class so my 365 pictures look as good as they should.

    1. I don’t know where you looked at studio lights, but you can get a set for a lot less than $100! That doesn’t help if you don’t know how to use them already, but they’re really not very expensive.

  3. Great new year resolutions! The photo thing is always a big deal for me, I find it so hard to take decent indoor photos, because I don’t have a lot of natural light in my place. The lead time for magazines is pretty long, I just got the Knitscene call for submissions email today, for winter 2013 (!!).

    1. I know how that goes! That’s why I always self published while I was in college. I had no idea what my schedule would be like that far out!

  4. I like your resolutions and expect mine to be similar… I struggle with No.4 as well, but as the first comment, do not suggest buying studio lights. They are actually very simple to make and (judging by your designing/pattern-writing) you’re definitely clever and crafty enough to make your own! I actually made one a couple of months ago here and it works great (result). You can even make 2 or 3 of them for even lighting. Mine are not collapsible but if you use the umbrella method they can be.

    1. I like your lights, but I’m looking for collapsible stands and umbrellas, and at that point I might as well just buy a set. They’re really not that expensive. It’s more of the space issue that has me debating it.

  5. Happy New Year and good luck with your goals for 2013!

  6. Congratulations on such a productive 2013 and good luck with this years goals. Publishing more patterns is on my list too.

  7. Good luck with all your resolutions! I absolutely love your patterns, so I hope you publish a million of them in 2013.

  8. Lisa S.

    Re sewing: just remember, you are always welcome to come over and discuss the topic. I’m not the tailor your mother is, but I have a lot of experience winging it. 😀

  9. Those sound like great goals to me.

    As for having trouble taking pictures in your apartment, what is specifically the problem? Do you not have enough light in general? Or is it the camera that is holding you back?

    1. Light is the real problem. Not only do I have to plan my photos differently now that I work full time in order to get daylight, I don’t have anywhere outside to take pictures, and the areas in my place that work well as photo backdrops just don’t have light that I really know how to work with. I’ve got this kind of light and this kind.

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