Christmas Knits Completed


I finished all of my Christmas knitting! I have one piece left to block, but everything else is wrapped up and ready to go. It feels strange to be done. I usually do my Christmas knitting at the very last minute because I always seem to decide that I want to knit gifts mid-December, and I spend Christmas eve weaving in ends. This year I planned ahead, and it paid off, but now I don’t quite know what to work on! Are you doing any holiday knitting/crafting? Is everything going to be done in time?






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  1. i’m forver weaving in ends on christmas eve! congrats!

  2. I’m done with all my gift knitting/crocheting, but still have one sewing project! Hurry, hurry!

    Also, I always leave knit ornaments for last. So on my flight home to Michigan, I’ll knit some mini sweater ornaments!

  3. Wow, that’s amazing that you’re done already. I’m gonna be all last minute again this year!

  4. 2 done, 2 more to go!
    When I’m done it’s going to be time to bake some cookies!

  5. No Christmas knitting for me. I have some sample knits to work on before I can touch anything for anyone else.

  6. I decided to be a selfish knitter this year so no Christmas knitting for me. I think doing it every other year is a perfect balance.

  7. I decided to only make one thing, a pair of socks for my mom, and they’re done.

  8. I started my Christmas knitting today. Yikes. A few friends commissioned a few things so those had to be taken care of first. I suck.

  9. You’re doing so much better than I. I am almost, but not quite ready to admit defeat on one gift project out of the three. As Meatloaf says, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

  10. Wow, that must feel really weird! I’m finishing up one last sewn gift now. There’s one item I didn’t get to, but it will just have to be late. Merry Christmas, Andi!

  11. Congratulations! I finished early, too, this year.

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