Stitch Pattern Suggestions Needed!


I decided recently that I needed a project that was small enough that it could fit in my purse so I could take knitting to work without dragging my big project bags around. I don’t knit at lunch everyday so it seemed silly to haul something so large back and forth on the off chance that I might want it. Starting a new small project seemed like a much better plan. I decided on making a hat out of Cascade 220. I cast on some stitches and started a few rows of 2×2 rib, but I need to figure out what I want to do for the body of the hat soon, and I’m having trouble deciding. I’m debating between a broken rib pattern and a simple eyelet pattern, but I haven’t decided. The more I think about it, the more ideas I come up with. My only restriction is the amount of yarn I have. I have enough for beanie but cables probably aren’t an option. What do you think I should do? Broken rib? Lace? Some other sort of texture?






12 responses to “Stitch Pattern Suggestions Needed!”

  1. How about a travelling rib?

  2. I personally like horseshoe lace.

  3. Double moss stitch!

  4. Do both- purl ridges offsetting eyelet rows always look pretty!

    1. Oohh…. This is giving me ideas. I’m trying to think of a way to make both work.

  5. Lauren

    Stockinette!!!!!!! The best stitch pattern 😉

  6. maybe broken rib?

  7. I second that horseshoe lace!

  8. How about a brioche stitch? I personally like the honeycomb variation…

    1. Brioche eats up a lot of yarn, and I don’t think I have enough for it.

  9. I did a hat for my son where after the 2×2 ribbing I just started making stuff up. I started with a trellis type of pattern, and then spiraled the top. It was really fun because I wasn’t ever following anything. I just did what I thought would be fun at the time, and it turned out really nice.

  10. I bet you’ve decided by now, and 220 looks so great in a variety of textures. Can’t wait to see what you chose!

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