New Pink Yarn

There was a raffle at Knit Fit, and I won a sweater’s worth of yarn! It’s Skacel’s Alpaca Seta which is an alpaca, silk, and nylon blend. It’s too drapey for any of the ideas I have in my sketch book, but I’ve already come up with a few new ideas.


I’m thinking of making a full length pullover that’s fitted through the bust and underbust and is loose through the waist and hips. In my head it would look best with 3/4 length sleeves, but I’m not sure if that will be practical because it’s going to be a very warm sweater, and I rarely want my lower arms exposed when it’s very cold out. The yarn is pretty busy looking so I think the sweater will probably be fairly plain. I might add a detail like a keyhole back to add some interest without fighting with the yarn. We’ll see what happens. I have to finish my Christmas knitting and my blue and red sweater before I dive into this.






5 responses to “New Pink Yarn”

  1. My first sweater was 100% alpaca pullover, and I can only wear it when the temperature dips below 20 F.

    You might want to think about a cardigan 😀

    1. I considered that problem, but I just don’t think I’d wear a cardigan made from this yarn.

  2. How cool! That’s a pretty fun prize! You’ve got more willpower than I, with finishing older projects before starting on the new!

  3. I think a keyhole would look pretty neat with this yarn. Although you might already know this, alpaca grows so much. I knit an alpaca sweater that turned into more of an alpaca tunic. I should have weighted my swatch to help predict the growth.

    1. Yeah. Silk does, too. I always hang my swatches when I’m making a garment with those fibers.

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