Dracula 3000

Happy Halloween everyone! I saved the worst for last. Without a doubt, this is the worst vampire movie I have ever seen. It’s worse than Blacula. It’s worse than the Lost Boys sequel. It’s worse than everything I’ve mentioned during this month of horror movies.

The movie is a bizarre, futuristic, continuation of the Dracula story. It takes place on a space ship in the year 3000. Before the movie starts, Dracula and his children try to escape the sun by going into space, but they end up stranded after they eat everyone on the spaceship. Our intrepid heroes are rude, crude salvagers who happen to find the ship floating in space. If you think the premise sounds bad, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of awfulness. The movie is super low budget with bad acting, bad dialogue and ridiculous special effects. There’s a twist ending involving a sex robot. I can’t even come close to describing how awful it is. It’s kind of amazing.






2 responses to “Dracula 3000”

  1. sounds a lot like the plot of Jason X, lol. I might have to try to find this one.

  2. Oh man! I loved Blacula as a kid. But this is really terrible. Worse than the “serious” version of Dracula starring Keanu Reeves..

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