Blood and Donuts

The elusive Blood and Donuts! Early on in my vampire movie collecting days, my friend and I were looking at lists of bad vampire movies online, and one of them mentioned Blood and Donuts. As avid donut lovers, the title stuck out to us, and we had to have it. The description said it was about a vampire who hung out in a 24 hour donut shop. It sounded perfect. Unfortunately we couldn’t find it anywhere. Every time we saw DVDs for sale we would look for the movie. After a year or two we were less optimistic that we would find it, but it’s elusiveness made it even more appealing. Then last winter I found it on, and we finally got to watch it.

Blood and Donuts is a really weird take on the lovesick, romantic vampire. While the movie is technically a horror-comedy  there are some scenes that are so earnestly bad that it’s hard to tell if they’re intentionally funny or just accidentally. The plot and pacing are pretty bizarre, but there are a few things I like about this movie.

It points out how ridiculous vampire and human romances are. The main character wakes up from sleeping a few decades, and his former flame has aged quite a bit. He’s lost interest now that she’s old, but she’s still obsessed with him. It was great to see that played out in a vampire movie. Blood and Donuts also has some really funny one-liners. I’m glad I finally got a chance to watch this movie.






6 responses to “Blood and Donuts”

  1. Oh man, this sounds like a movie that is so bad that I HAVE TO WATCH IT.

  2. Oh. My. God. This looks… I’m out of words… And I think I want to see it. Not sure about it either.

  3. Angelica

    Frack!! That movie looks amazingly awful! I just went to Amazon and bought the only used copy. Can’t wait to watch it! lol Thanks for the sharing 😀

  4. Buy two, and get one free? Was that their selling point?
    This movie seems like like it is full of the proper amount of “cheese” to be kind of awesome.

  5. I just looked. It’s available for instant queue on netflix.

  6. This looks like something I have to track down and watch right away.

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