What’s this? Sewing?

Of course, after I wrote about needing to focus on Christmas knitting and my sweater, I got the sewing urge. I spent most of Friday night out knitting and watching Ferris Beuller’s Day Off with some ladies from my knitting group at a local bar/cafe’s movie night, and I felt like I had made enough progress to justify working on something new.


So on Saturday afternoon, I put on Scream and got started on this simple plaid skirt. I only had one and 3/8ths yards of fabric to work with, so I decided to do a gathered skirt with a side zip. Even though this is a quick, simple project, I had fun Saturday evening plans, and I had to stop working on this before I finished. I’m hoping to get it done sometime this week.






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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who knits while watching movies. I love doing scary movies, because I don’t have to pay that much attention, usually its a marathon of somekind. I finished my mid drift sweater while catching up on criminal Minds. What are some of your favorite movies or television shows to knit by?

    1. Eileen

      We love Criminal Minds – in fact that’s why after acquiring a Sociology degree, I’ve move on to PostBac in Criminology and Criminal Justice. By the way, my policing instructor says Quantico is nothing like they show on C.M. I am not partial to scary or futuristic movies a’tall but do love me some neurotic reality fare – love Mob Wives! I always knit when watching Cheaters or The Chew. These are (a few of) my guilty pleasures.

  2. I love knitting while watching movies. And sewing while watching movies… well, listening to them.
    I can’t wait to see your skirt! I’m sure it turned out super cute!

  3. Love! Please tell me you are using a pattern and not making this from your head. That is an awesome plaid!

    1. I’m definitely making this up as I go, but it’s only made out of rectangles! You don’t really need a pattern for it.

      1. Eileen

        JoAnn’s often has a sale on patterns for $0.99-$1.99 (get on their signup list) and do yourself a favor and purchase a nice Vogue designer pattern. You’ll use it more than once and maybe you can share the pattern with someone you know who also loves to sew. Skirts are a lot more work than people realize, especially in the finishing touches, like securing the waistband (hopefully you used interfacing) on a zipper closure or a hook and eye. Sometimes the finishing choices are much like knitting – one application can make the garment ideal while another is a poorer choice. I love that about sewing and knitting.

  4. Eileen

    Love the fabric for your skirt and think it would have also made an awesome vest. I love to sew too, especially with my serger – you really must invest in a serger if you like to sew with knits. It’s a gawdsend!

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