Looking Good So Far


My big ball of yarn is getting more reasonably sized, and it looks like this version of the sweater is going to fit much better. I’m almost done with the hip shaping, but I have Christmas knitting that I’m starting on so this sweater will be getting less of my attention. I need to figure out how to balance two projects at once. I’ve lost my talent for that and have become a monogamous knitter, but I’m going to do my best because this sweater has already taken too long, and I don’t want to set it aside for a second time. I took a long break from it between versions, and I’m afraid it will never get done if I do that again!






2 responses to “Looking Good So Far”

  1. Good luck with the balancing 😀 I definitely don’t do that!

  2. looking good! i struggle to balance too, but always have so many things im working on! photos/recipes/crochet/sewing. I forced myself to finish SOME of them and finished up the front of my totoro pillow so i’m starting your majestic moose vest 🙂 YAY


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