The Forsaken

When I initially picked this up in the used DVD section of my favorite record store, the first thing I noticed was the $3 price tag. The second thing I noticed was that the movie stars Kerr Smith who played Jack on Dawson’s Creek. Obviously it had to come home with me.

The Forsaken is a hilariously bad vampire movie because the vampires are so trashy. The lead villain is a knight of the First Crusades who turned into a vampire. Centuries later, he lives in the south west of the United States, partying in the desert and harassing passers-through. One would think that sophistication would come with long life but apparently not for this vampire.

The odd thing about this movie is its indecision about its mythology. Like many modern horror movies, it tries to explain monsters with science. There’s a vampire virus which is not an unusual explanation, but where it gets weird is the addition of older vampire legends. Despite saying that vampirism is caused by viruses, killing the vampire’s sire is miraculously supposed to cure the disease. I don’t think the writer’s thought through how that was supposed to work.






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  1. Ah yes. The WORST vampire movie in modern history, lol. I love vampires and I’ll sit through just about anything that has a vampire in it without complaining, but this movie?..I just can’t do it ever again. Good summary, by the way. I’d rather watch John Carpenter’s Vampires any day. Or Dracula 2000 (my latest Netflix guilty pleasure, lol).

    1. There are worse movies! Just wait and see. This one isn’t nearly as bad as the worst one I own.

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