Is that a sweater?

I haven’t had as much knitting time lately as I would like, but I’m still making progress on this sweater. I’m almost done with the left front, and I’m hoping to cast on the underarms and join the whole body this weekend. It’s starting to actually look like a sweater!


Unfortunately, after I do the underarm rows, I’ll have to stop and do a little pattern writing. I calculated out the rows and stitch counts, but I didn’t do the fiddly stuff like figuring out when I want to do with my decreases. I got a little too impatient to get knitting so I’ll have to take a break and do the boring writing stuff.






5 responses to “Is that a sweater?”

  1. I love when it starts to look like a sweater! I’m at that point on my current sweater project, and I haven’t taken the time to try it on. I need to do that, so I can keep going! HOpe you’re having a lovely Sunday!

  2. oh, the math for sizes and such slows me down so much! I wish i had a fast and eassy way of doing it. I’m enjoying how your sweater is progressing, and I love the bright, poppy red.

  3. Is there a finished pic of this sweater? I LOVE the colors!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. I actually finished it in June, but I didn’t like the fit and started over which is what you see here. I haven’t posted finished pictures of the second version yet.

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