Queen of the Damned

It’s October which means it’s time for another round of horrible movies! As some of you know, I collect bad vampire movies, and I decided to dig into my collection for this year’s month of horrible movies. I’m going to try to avoid obvious vampire movie picks like The Lost Boys and Bram Stoker’s Dracula for the most part and stick to the weird, obscure and awful. I’ll be posting one a week in the order of strange to strangest. Pick out a bad horror movie, and settle in on the couch with your knitting! It’s one of my favorite fall activities.

I couldn’t make a list of bad vampire movies without including Queen of the Damned. This was probably the first vampire movie I ever bought. It’s based on Ann Rice’s novel of the same name and The Vampire Lestat. The plot is beyond ridiculous, a vampire gets tired of hiding and decides to join a rock band, but the movie is surprisingly good. It’s the least horrible movie on this list.

It’s redeeming qualities? Well for one, the soundtrack is amazing. Jonathon Davis from Korn wrote and performed all of Lestat’s music, and the other songs used are an excellent selection of dark early 2000s rock. The costumes and styling are also wonderful. The movie has a nice sophisticated goth vibe that never approaches the stereotypical Adam’s Family look. This movie is definitely worth watching.






15 responses to “Queen of the Damned”

  1. This is my husband’s favorite movie month!

  2. thanks for the reminder – off to check out TCM’s offerings…

  3. I somewhat secretly love this film, the early 00’s feel reminds me of being at school, I have read a couple of the books as well and enjoyed them, they are probably the only vampire fiction that I am ever likely to read

  4. I love Queen of the Damned! It instantly makes me feel like my fourteen-year-old self again. This is going to be a good month, I can tell!

  5. this was filmed in my town!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it though, but I’m sure other half has it on dvd. He’s a mad horror movie buff.

    I was just checking the imdb site for this and love this: Rated R for vampire violence.

    Vampire violence is a thing now!

  6. I love October…bad horror movie month. One of my favorite bad vamp movies is Dracula 2000. I love Gerard Butler as Dracula. Yummm…that is the only redeeming part of that movie. 🙂

    1. Did you know they made a sequel to that one? I haven’t watched it yet.

      1. Really? I haven’t seen the sequel either. I will have to look into seeing that one. 🙂

  7. we bought that movie too, and I was underwhelmed at first but I’ve learned to enjoy it over time, lol. I have to agree with Rilana about Dracula 2000, but I’d like to add John Carpenter’s Dracula and The Forsaken. Worst. Vampire. Movie. Ever. (in recent history). Please explain to me why perfectly good vampires kill with shotguns?!! You’re VAMPIRES!! Bite someone for Pete’s sake!

    1. One of those movies might be coming up on my blog later this month!

  8. Barely remember the movie (I remember a whole lot of eyeliner) but I bought the soundtrack and just about wore the CD out.
    The best bad vampire movie I’ve ever seen by far is Vampire’s Kiss. Nicholas Rage-Cage at his finest!

    1. I’m going to have to look for that one! I love Nick Cage (especially Andy Samberg’s version of Cage, lol. “Why am I not in that movie?!!”).

  9. I own this one! I’ll have to rewatch it soon. I’m excited to see what else you’re digging up.

  10. I never saw it, but I did enjoy some Anne Rice back in the day. Oh, it’s not a vampire movie, but have you seen Max Magician? It is definitely one of the best-worst movies I’ve seen.

  11. I can’t help but like this movie. I was actually really into it when it first came out, but saw it again recently, and had to laugh. It’s definitely bad, but I like it for all the reasons you mentioned.

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