Pity Knitting


Progress has been pretty slow on this sweater. It’s not that I haven’t been doing much knitting. I have. I have stuff from Ikea still in pieces and various boxes with only two or three things left inside that I’ve been avoiding. Knitting is a great procrastination tool if you’re not diligent. So where is all of the progress if I’ve been knitting a lot? Well, I can’t show you. I’ve been working on a secret project on the side, neglecting this poor sweater.


Do you ever pity your neglected projects? I feel guilty when I go too long without working on them. I felt sorry for the sweater so I picked it up yesterday, put on Supernatural (My current TV series to watch through – I’m on season 4), and got to work. The nice thing about redoing a project is that you can fix things you weren’t happy about before. In this case I got the opportunity to make my colorwork a little tidier when I got to those rows on the back. I tend to leave my floats too loose which isn’t a problem when you’re working with sticky wool, but it makes for uneven stitches when you’re working with a smoother wool like Quince & Co. Chickadee.






9 responses to “Pity Knitting”

  1. Nice floats. 🙂

    I just started Supernatural. I think I’m two episodes in. It hasn’t quite captured me yet, but I’m hoping to eventually get into it, ’cause I like me some tv knitting time.

    1. It took me a few episodes to get over the fact that both of the leads are from teen dramas I used to watch (Gilmore Girls and Dawson’s Creek), and the fact that a lot of the episodes in the first season are knock offs of horror movies, but I quite like the show now. But to be honest, I’ll watch pretty much anything with monsters and mysteries; I love that stuff.

  2. I pity all my knitting at the moment, It has been neglected badly because the TV over here has been rubbish and I can’t afford any new box sets

  3. All the time, girl. I have a pity project staring at me right now. Usually it’s a sweater of some sort that I’ve sort of lost interest in because it wasn’t fun to crochet. Oh well. I’ll look at her over the weekend and get her done…

  4. Oh yes I get very very guilty. But on the plus side you get a great feeling of satisfaction when you do finally pick something neglected up after ages and finish it. I’ve got a mammoth poncho on the hook now that has been in the works for more than a year, and it’s so close to finish I am salivating!!

  5. I feel so guilty! I have so many projects sitting in the closet.

    I love Supernatural! It gets better with each season 🙂 and Sam and Dean get hotter and hotter 😉

  6. I’m pretty good about only knitting on or two things at a time, so nothing it ever “neglected”, but I do feel guilting when I haven’t knit in awhile (happening now!).

  7. love the pattern!

  8. I do feel bad for my neglected projects, too! And I’ve got Supernatural on my list. I’m FINALLY watching Buffy for the first time. Love!

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