Starting Over

I’ve finished all the other sweaters I had planned to make when I thought this sweater was going well. I’ve officially run out of ways to avoid it so I’m finally starting over.


Before I frogged it, I used my sweater as a giant swatch, and I recalculated all of my numbers. Weirdly and worryingly, quite a few numbers came out the same as my first try. I’m a little concerned that this sweater still won’t fit when I’m done redoing it. But my gauge and my math keep saying that it should work out right, so I’m going to forge ahead.






6 responses to “Starting Over”

  1. Sometimes it seems like the space–time continuum sucks up or spits out extra inches when you aren’t looking. I hope this try goes better for you.

  2. oh how I know what that’s like. I sure hope it comes together for you 🙂

  3. The only thing you can do sometimes is to do your best… trial and error!

  4. Awe, sorry about that! Sometimes you just need a fresh start.

  5. I hope it works out this time! I just loved the design!

  6. Crossing my fingers for ya.

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