Small Accomplishments

This is probably one of my stranger posts, but I’m pretty pleased with myself. My mom bought me this succulent last year when I was moving in for my last year of college, and as of today, I’ve officially kept my house plant alive for a year.


I’m a plant killer. I didn’t mean to, but I always forgot about my plants when I went home for a month long Christmas break in college. This plant is no exception. I left it in the dark without water for a month, but somehow it survived. It has only had two flowers since then, but I’m glad it’s still alive. I always daydream about having a small collection of herbs growing, but I can barely keep succulents alive so I’m not quite there yet. But I’m making progress!







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  1. Ooo, I’m the same way! I still have my “first plant,” which I also left without water many a day, and it’s still growing! My newest accomplishment is keeping a strawberry plant alive. Small steps, small steps.

  2. Congrats! And I mean it. I have a rough time with plants, especially the indoor variety for some reason, so I understand the joy being able to keep them alive. I’d like to eventually fill my house with a ridiculous amount of plants, but we’re not quite there yet. Baby steps.

  3. Be proud. I had that same plant and it hated me and dropped leaves left and right. I was fine with all my other plants so I can’t say what the issue was except it must have hated me.

  4. i even kill succlents. haha. i’ve been doing great with pothos though!

  5. I tend to be a plant killer too, but oddly, my orchid has been thriving for 2 years now!

  6. I love succulents! They’re so pretty but be careful with it and your pup. They’re toxic to dogs and cats.

    1. Thanks, I didn’t know that. Bean is more likely to eat the stuffing out of her toys than a house plant, but it’s good to be aware.

  7. Well congrats! I’m pretty much the same… I have managed to keep my tree (a ginseng) alive for a year and a half so far, very proud of that feat. Even though it had to go into recovery at my parents a few times, because I almost killed it. Twice.

  8. congratulations! i’m the same with herbs, and i currently have 7 herbs still alive (some i grew from seed) horay!

  9. Basil in the summertime has been pretty successful. The cool thing about basil is that you can break off a stem, stick it in dirt, and that likely becomes a new plant.

  10. Gotta love succulents 🙂 I’m actually an avid gardener and grew veggies and herbs and such, but succulents I would always end up killing – until I decided to just leave them alone and not do anything to them at all. Now I have several succulents around like some huge aloe plants. It seems they just like the abuse 🙂

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