Little Yarn Balls

These tiny yarn balls are so cute, but they’re also a cause for concern.


There was no real planning involved in this project. I went to the yarn store with only a vague idea of what I wanted to do and no idea as to how much yarn I needed. After I finished the back, I weighed it and compared it to my leftover yarn. The back used 1/3more yarn than I had left, but the neckline means that the front uses less yarn. 1/3 less? I doubt it. I’m fairly certain that I’m going to have to buy more yarn that I will use barely any of, but the irrational side of me keeps hoping that I won’t run out.






10 responses to “Little Yarn Balls”

  1. Ah, they are so cute ! It’s too bad you probably wont have enough.

  2. I think tiny yarn balls become infinitely cuter when you know you’re going to have enough yarn.

    Maybe the yarn fairies will be nice and you’ll have just enough.

  3. Uh Oh.
    I do love when, miraculously, what you have ends up being just enough though.

  4. I battle with those tiny yarn balls more often than not. Hope you make it without having to buy more.

  5. I generally wait until I run out before I get more. I am an optimist.

    1. That’s my plan. I’m not optimistic; I just don’t want yarn that I don’t need around.

  6. Thats the big difference between Knitting and Crochet. Crochet uses more yarn, exactly 1/3 more yarn than knitting, so when you begin a crochet project you always grab two extra balls on top of what you need in case of emergencies.

    *solemn advice from a crocheter of 9 years*

    I love reading your b

    1. I usually buy extra, but these were high yardage hanks so extra yarn would mean A LOT of extra yarn.

  7. Boo. I hate it when this happens. Crossing my fingers that you have enough!

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