The Dos and Don’ts of Product Posts

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A lot of bloggers, myself included, occasionally post about stuff we have for sale. Some bloggers do it so well that I actually look forward to their Etsy shop posts. Some bloggers don’t and I just scroll right past their posts about products. Here’e what you can do to avoid ending up in the latter group:

Don’t sound like you’re making a sales pitch. It makes your readers feel cheap. When you’re posting on your blog, remind yourself that you’re writing to your readers – not just potential customers.

Don’t copy and paste the pattern’s page on Ravelry or you Etsy shop. That’s boring to read. A lot of your blog readers probably aren’t going to buy your product and therefore don’t care about how many balls of yarn a project takes. They just want to see the pretty pictures and hear about the project. Don’t forget to provide a link to the product’s page so people can click through if they want the detailed info.

+ Do make the post as entertaining and in line with your other content as possible. Talk about the process of creating or photographing it, or create a picture of a lifestyle that your product fits into by talking about styling or where you’d use the project. Remember that a blog post about a product is still a blog post.

+ Do subtly make your product sound appealing. You want to create the idea that the reader should want to know more or buy the product without directly telling them that. The product’s page in your pattern store is the place to tell them why they need your product. A link to more the page with more detailed information and a “Buy” button should be easy to find for the people whose interest you catch.





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  1. I am just venturing into this realm myself, but yes, I can understand from reading other blogs that there is a fine line.

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